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  • January 2023
  • January 2023

    Image 1: The 2017 Nissan Rogue to which I added a fob programmed by the Autel MaxiIM KM100.
    Automotive tools

    The Autel MaxiIM KM100 in the Field

    Jan. 25, 2023
    Working on a Nissan Rogue shows how easy this programming tool is to use.
    Image 1: The LCN 6400 COMPACT is mounted with a 4040XP door closer.
    Low-energy door operators

    LCN 6400 COMPACT Installation, Part 2

    Jan. 23, 2023
    When installing the door operator with electronic access control, it’s important to make sure you follow your wiring roadmap.
    Image courtesy of ASSA ABLOY
    Delayed-egress systems can be used in many locations, even outside, as long as they follow code.
    Electronics & Access Control

    Understanding Delayed Egress

    Code changes have affected the applications for the systems.
    Two independent cams are behind the CX-EPD1289L's capability to mitigate preload pressure.
    Strikes, electro-magnetic

    Camden CX-EPD1289L: A Closer Look

    Jan. 16, 2023
    The company’s latest electric strike aims to address preload at the perimeter.
    East-facing exterior doors, such as the one on the left, could heat up to the point late in the day where preload occurs.
    Strikes, electro-magnetic

    Preload: Electric Strikes Under Pressure

    Jan. 16, 2023
    The common problem has many causes, and security pros must consider them all.

    More content from January 2023

    Silca Poker Pro
    Key machine, key cutters

    The Key Machine Encyclopedia: 2023 Update

    Jan. 12, 2023
    A range of new models made their debut in 2022.
    Getty Images | erhui1979
    Getty Images 1426262541 [converted]

    Top Products: A Look Ahead

    A variety of locks, tools and door hardware are expected to resonate with locksmiths in 2023.
    ACMS12 access power controller from Altronix
    Electronics & Access Control

    Mantraps: One Door at a Time

    Jan. 4, 2023
    Lots of pieces go into building this high-security puzzle.
    Schlage Primus patent-protected key blank

    Back Page, January 2023

    Jan. 3, 2023
    20 Years AgoJerry Levine began a series that features the Hub MiniMax by IEI. Tim O’Leary reported on several access control products from Cansec Security. Stephen Steeves, ScanLock...
    Air Access Lsl Ps 12522 61f4490b5834c

    News Briefs, January 2023

    Jan. 2, 2023
    NAPCO Launches Free AirAccess & E-Access TrainingNAPCO Security Technologies is offering expanded free training to dealers, locksmiths and security pros on its cellular- and cloud...
    Peaks Plus is the latest iteration of Kaba Ilco's Peaks high-security system.

    Ilco Peaks Plus: A Closer Look

    Jan. 2, 2023
    The newest version of the company’s longstanding Peaks high-security keyway isn’t a radical change.

    High-Security Keyways Remain Relevant in a High-Tech World

    Jan. 2, 2023
    The smartphone generally is accepted as being a high-security device. About the only way it can be cracked, assuming you don’t leave it unlocked somewhere, is if you use a kindergarten...
    Sargent and Greenleaf 2890C exit device for military applications

    A High-Security Primer

    Jan. 2, 2023
    It’s important to know the what, where and how before you make recommendations.
    Gt 1 C7 W Angled
    Intercom system

    Aiphone GT-1C7W Multi-Tenant Station

    Dec. 1, 2022
    Aiphone’s multitenant station has mobile-app capability.
    Camden Cm 23 Dser Narrow Surface Box For Cm 336
    Touchless switches

    Camden SureWave Mounting Box

    Nov. 29, 2022
    Camden Door Controls’ SureWave CM-336 Series (battery-powered wireless switches) and CM-333 Series (battery-powered relay output touchless switches) now can be surface-mounted...
    Emergency Keys1
    Automotive tools

    Emergency Keys from STRATTEC

    The release includes two GM offerings and three offerings for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep keys.
    Fra Dis Kwy
    Key blanks

    Framon 16-Key Dispenser Assortment

    Framon has introduced a 16-key dispenser assortment. Included in the set are keys for Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, Fort Howard, Bobrick, Eagle, SCA/Tork, Baywest, Von Drehle...
    Traka 6335b50b38ac6
    Key cabinets

    Traka Touch Pro key cabinets

    Traka announced the launch of a line of intelligent key cabinets designed for more flexibility, improved simplicity and 100% sustainability. The Traka Touch Pro series incorporates...