Top Products: A Look Ahead

Jan. 9, 2023
A variety of locks, tools and door hardware are expected to resonate with locksmiths in 2023.

As the year changes, we go from looking back to looking forward.

In December of each year, Locksmith Ledger takes a look at the top products of the year. These are products that readers show the most interest in through their online clicks as well as products that command the most attention of our editors.

But what about a look ahead? What are the big products going to be in 2023, whether new or old? We asked security product manufacturers to answer a simple question:

What one product of yours do you anticipate will be the most important to locksmiths in 2023 and why?

This could be something new, something on the way or something tried and true, but what did each manufacturer expect would resonate the most with locksmiths and why.

The following are the answers we received, in alphabetical order based on the company or brand name.

Adams Rite

The Adams Rite DL100 wireless deadlatch, because it provides a cost-effective solution for accommodating multiple openings with a single communication point, as opposed to running multiple wires. Also, because the DL100 uses the standard MS prep, it can allow locksmiths to upgrade from a mechanical or electrical lock to a fully configured, wireless access control solution easily — and with no cutting and minimal drilling, which saves time and labor costs.

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Our IX Series kits. We keep hearing that some installers are hesitant to jump fully into the IP market, because they have been comfortable with plug-and-play analog intercom systems, so we asked ourselves how we can make it easier for that customer to move forward. The IX Series Kit is basically a preprogrammed IP intercom system that’s ready to go out of the box. All the installer has to do is run wire and plug it in. Our IX Series Kits will enable locksmiths who aren’t installing this type of system to get their foot in the door.

— Brad Kamcheff, marketing manager

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Our Tango1B PoE driven power supply/charger, which provides locksmiths with a cost-efficient and easy means of deploying access control. This is accomplished by leveraging low-voltage installation methods that use 802.3bt PoE to deliver 12VDC and 24VDC simultaneously, while reducing labor costs associated with the installation of dedicated conduit and wire. Tango, combined with Altronix sub-assemblies, supports multiple locking devices, controllers, readers and accessories.

— Ronnie Pennington, director of sales for the Americas

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Arrow and Yale deadbolt indicators. The Arrow E Series and the Yale Commercial D200 Series provide a bold visual indicator on the inside and outside of a door as a standard feature to communicate the door status while providing privacy assurance. In addition to large indicator windows, optional colors, wording, language (English and French) and symbols, a new, oversized thumbturn is included for increased ease of use. (Corbin Russwin and SARGENT also will offer these indicators.)

Mia L. Merrel, director of product management, commercial mechanical products, ASSA ABLOY

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Camden Door Controls

Camden’s Mprox-BLE will be our company’s most important product to locksmiths during 2023, because it’s the perfect entry-level two-door access control system for the following reasons:

  • It’s a complete system designed as a step up from a keypad, when you have to have an audit trail and want to add or delete users easily.
  • The smartphone configuration app has an intuitive graphic interface.
  • It provides a choice of card, two-button fob or virtual (smartphone) credential.

— David Price, vice president communications and business development

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The electronic CL5210/CL5510 will be the most important, because the value will be much more important given the current and likely economic climate of 2023. Given the features that these products have, their price, flexibility and availability (in stock), they deliver an unmatched value in the market.

— Matt Welty, vice president, Americas

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The CompX Pearl. A few reasons why:

  • The CompX Pearl, available in satin silver or black, is designed to enhance and elevate the look of office furniture, lockers and cabinetry.
  • The recessed version has an industry-leading slim profile, just 15/16 inch off the surface. (The overall footprint is 1-1/4 inches wide and 4-11/16 inches long.)
  • The Pearl can be programmed in dedicated or shared use, requires no special tools or software and features an external “flip down” battery compartment that allows easy access to two AAAA batteries.

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Corbin Russwin/SARGENT

New exit devices. The PE80 Series by SARGENT and the PED4000/PED5000 series by Corbin Russwin are exit device lines that will improve on years of reliability and provide a new range of solutions for a variety of applications. The exit devices include elevated safety features that eliminate catch points across the device, a concealed dogging mechanism and an improved locked indicator capability for device status recognition. The stainless-steel construction and a robust end cap provide durability and longevity in even the harshest environments. The new series also come with center adjustability on all concealed vertical-rod devices, along with the capability for wire routing through the rail for electromechanical versions, which eliminates installation and maintenance headaches.

Mia L. Merrel, director of product management, commercial mechanical products, ASSA ABLOY

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Our 4300 series 2 Door Interlock Controllers. These controllers can be paired with push-buttons and electronic locks to form a cost-effective and highly effective access control solution that locksmiths can provide to retail, banks, schools, hospitals and professional office complexes.

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Our Bullseye installation jig. Since A-1’s departure from the industry, a lot of people have been looking to replace their old Bullseye, and many are looking for parts. We expected to start shipping the tools mid-November 2022 and have sold most of the first run. The tool is built with the usual Framon attention to detail and quality.

— Phil Agius, vice president, sales and marketing

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Gardall’s line of 1-hour UL-approved fire-resistive Microwave Safes will continue to be a staple product offering for security pros. Gardall Microwave Safes have set the standard for dependable value and compact versatility. They’re easy to stock and display, and they deliver cash-and-carry sales. Microwave Safes are available with an easy-to-program electronic-style lock or a single-key option.

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The HES 9200 Electric Strike, because it will widen the ability to address problematic strike installations. It provides integrated adjustability for optimal latch positioning, which can help with preload conditions and unhealthy openings, particularly on all-glass openings that have a tubular exit device. Because the 9200 mounts within the existing mechanical prep, virtually no drilling, cutting or frame prep is required.

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The Messenger will be a revolutionary tool for locksmiths in 2023. The portable key cutting machine for edge cut, laser and dimple keys weighs only 22 pounds, which makes it Keyline’s lightest machine yet. Thanks to its compact design and carrying handle, the Messenger is transported easily in any vehicle — so mounting in a work van isn’t necessary. It can be plugged in when you’re in the shop, and it has a rechargeable battery. By powering the machine by battery and controlling it through the user-friendly KDT app, we’ve eradicated the requirement for hauling around cables when you’re on the go.

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LCN 6400 COMPACT Series door operators, because our view of high-touch surfaces has changed, and there’s demand for touch-free openings and accessible solutions. The LCN 6400 COMPACT Series low-energy operator is a simple and cost-effective solution that enables facilities to automate more openings for touchless access and accessible operation. The simplicity of this solution reduces the cost, time to install and the complexity typical of automating an opening. The modular design allows the reuse of an existing LCN 4040XP Series mechanical closer and connects with a mounting plate by using just four screws.

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Our product that just hit the market — the battery-powered Valentino code lock. The Valentino is the first battery-powered option we have offered. The lock allows up to 100 codes to be saved at once. With the flexibility of up to 100 codes, the possibilities are nearly endless. For instance, you can select different codes for entry and exit, assign different codes to several employees or even opt for codes that are used by several departments.

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The 2835-Adapter. It brings the security and convenience of the 2830 or 2835 Mechanical Keyless Lock to gates, without requiring a gate box or welding. It’s great for vinyl or ornamental gates 1-3/4–5 inches thick. No extension kit is necessary, and the adapter installs in minutes.

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The PaxLock Pro series, which is our series of wireless, battery-powered door handles. Access control and security have become matters of great public interest, so smart wireless door handles are increasingly popular, because they can integrate with access control systems to make site management more efficient. Our PaxLock Pro range provides a robust option for any locksmith fitting a cylindrical or mortise lock application:  the PaxLock Pro – Mortise and the PaxLock Pro – Latch. They’re quick and easy to install on existing doors without compromising security. They work in stand-alone mode and are compatible with our access control solutions, Net2 and Paxton10, which enhances site-management flexibility should a site’s requirements change.

— Samantha Cronin, product manager

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The SALTO Homelok platform. Homelok’s solutions for residential applications balance premium connected living with security and streamlined operation. Homelok uses digital access via keycards, the smartphone’s BLE and NFC (iOS or Android) or even Resident Key in Apple Wallet. Because Homelok uses digital access technology rather than mechanical keys, property-management activities can be carried out and accessed from anywhere. Homelok-compatible hardware, including electric strikes, maglocks, mortise openings, cylindrical preps and exit devices, can be used on any opening. This results in lower operational costs, optimized commercialization, improved resident experiences, robust 24/7 security and unmatched data protection and privacy.

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Schlage NDEBSi and LEBSi locks, because customers demand solutions that are open, interoperable and flexible. Schlage NDEBSi and LEBSi electronic locks help locksmiths to meet this demand and are designed to extend electronic access control beyond traditional perimeter and high-security openings. The Si option fully supports the secure application area of HID iCLASS, iCLASS SE, Seos and NFC mobile credentials, as well as Schlage MIFARE smart and mobile credentials. This interoperability gives your customers freedom of choice when it comes to credentials. Plus, as their demands change, their locks can remain the same.

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SDC’s Motorized Electric Latch Retraction upgrades, including retrofit kits to exit devices, will continue to be most important to locksmiths in 2023, because they provide profit opportunities. With downward pressure on budgets because of inflation and a potential recession, ELR upgrades allow locksmiths to provide their customers with cost-efficient alternatives to access control upgrades of door openings.

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An indoor version of our Bluetooth Access Controller Keypad with Proximity Reader. This is an indoor keypad and a proximity card reader. It allows for the use of an app to unlock a door and creates an audit trail, so you can monitor who accesses areas inside a building. This unit can be used with maglocks or door strikes.

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The Auto-Bolt MAX exit device. Our ABM exit device series has answered the call for code-compliant protection for cannabis and other retail locations across the country. Multipoint locking has proven to be effective in stopping crowbars and other tools. End users even have showed us videos of attempted break-ins by vehicles ramming into doors protected by the ABM series, where the deadbolt locking and fusing with the frame kept the would-be burglars out. Authorities having jurisdiction and other inspectors are aware of code requirements, and ABM exit devices address life-safety single-motion-egress requirements while they provide enhanced forced-entry protection.

— Mark Berger, CEO

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