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Lucky Line Introduces Key Bands Write-On Key Identifiers

Easily identify keys with Key Bands, Lucky Line Products’ new color-coded, write-on key identifiers. Key Bands are colored heat-plastic, which shrinks to form-fit the key head...

Five Counter Displays That Sell

July 6, 2010
Remote Skins, Sprinkler Key Hiders, Key Tags, Key Identifiers and Split Ring Displays boost sales at checkout.
Remoteskins 10175170

Remote Skins™

Lucky Line's new Remote Skins™ protect, customize and repair your car remote. Remote Skins™ are made of soft, waterproof neoprene which resists fraying. A tough vinyl window provides...
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Key cases

Security Seal Containers

April 23, 2009
KeySure's non-electronic, pilfer proof tamper evident containers provide physical accountability by encapsulating important items, such as keys, IT computer passwords, alarm codes...
Decorative key blank displays are an eyecatcher.
Padlocks, high security

Boosting Sales on Impulse

Nov. 1, 2006
Take advantage of your showroom to make more money.