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Harley Davidson 2023 Heritage classic anniversary

Automotive locksmithing has entered a new, high-tech era. No longer are locksmiths making a living by purchasing a few basic tools, unlocking cars and duplicating keys.  In today’s world of sophisticated electronics and pricey equipment, locksmiths need specialized training. Here are some options in the coming months. Please note that pre-registration (and often pre-payment) are required.

These are not the only options. Check with your local distributor and the manufacturers of your equipment for additional opportunities.

American Key Supply Locksmith Academy

Motorcycle Locksmithing, Oct. 20-21

Everything you need to know as an automotive locksmith is also what you need to become a motorcycle locksmith.

Win this class, AKS will illustrate the similarities between motorcycle key generation and other more common locksmith work. Topics will include building up your keys and inventory, selecting tools and equipment, and methods for successfully remaking lost keys for various types of motorcycles. Students will have the opportunity to cut several types of motorcycle keys throughout the class.

The main objective is to give locksmiths the knowledge and confidence needed to also work on motorcycles. Overcome the myth that motorcycle work is more difficult than cars through extensive hands-on training with examples of common locks seen in the field. We will be using the same and/or similar tools that the student will be using when they leave the class and begin to make these keys.

Taught by two instructors from different backgrounds, the class illustrates that there are always several ways to complete any job.

Brands of motorcycles covered include Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Buell, Kymco, Triumph and others Popular ATVs and UTVs will also be covered. Information on where to start when considering servicing Transponder and Proximity systems for various brands of motorcycles will be included.

This is a two-day class including lecture, discussion, and hands-on work. The location is American Key Supply headquarters in Las Vegas.


  • Familiar with cutting keys by code or bitting
  • Knowledge picking wafer style locks
  • Familiar with the use of hand tools
  • Basic knowledge of automotive key generation

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Resources
  • Harley Davidson Wafer Locks
  • Gas Tank Lock Disassembly
  • Lock Readers
  • ATV/UTV Locks
  • Asian-Style Ignition Disassembly
  • Wafer Scoping
  • Harley Davidson Tubular Locks
  • Transponder & Proximity Systems
  • Instructors are Keith Capehart & Leo Meres

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Automotive Keys Group Academy

Following is the fall training lineup from the Automotive Keys Group. Dates: Nov. 3-4 in Dallas. See registration info at

KR55 Key Maker for Mercedes Flip Key Programming, Nov. 3

Did you know that the Mercedes Dealer isn't able to offer almost all Flip Blade IR Keys to their customers any longer? You can open up a new revenue stream for your business by attending this four-hour class taught by Donnie Sherfield. You will be shown the ins and outs of the KR55 Key Maker and how to add-a-key and perform All Keys Lost on Mercedes Sprinters, ML Series, S Class, and Chrysler Crossfire vehicles that use an IR Flip Key. Outside of the OEM Factory Tool, the KR55 is the only device in the world that can program a working remote to these vehicles.

JLR Key Programming, Nov. 3

This class taught by Shon Mordehay will address keyed ignition Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) vehicles and the modules related to key programming on these vehicles. During this eight-hour class, you will learn where the modules are located, how to remove these modules, and how to program keys to the vehicles. We will also discuss PTS (Push To Start) JLR vehicles and their KVM modules. Demonstrations will be conducted with the VVDI2, VVDI Prog, VVDI Key Tool Plus, and Tango. JLR Key Programming can be complicated, but this class will help to take a lot of the mystery out of it.

ACDP BMW Key Programming, Nov. 3

New to BMW Key Programming or new to the Mini ACDP? Consider taking this 4-hour class taught by Donnie Sherfield. This class will walk you through all the needed steps to program BMW Keys with the ACDP, including app and hardware setup. BMW CAS1-CAS4 Systems will be discussed and demonstrated. Gain the confidence that you need to add keys and perform All Keys Lost procedures on these BMW vehicles.

Hands-On EEPROM, Nov. 4

This class will be almost 100 percent hands-on. Students will break into groups of two while Donnie Sherfield instructs them on how to program keys via EEPROM during this eight-hour class. Each group of students will be provided with a laptop, VVDI Prog, Tango, and the same modules that the instructor has so that they can follow along and complete the task in real time. Modules to be reviewed include, but are not limited to, Toyota ECU, Saab CIM, Volvo Blue/Black Box, EWS3, EWS4, and Mercedes EIS.

VAG Key and Module Programming, Nov. 4

Tim Tracy and Charley Simpson will instruct this eighy-hour Volkswagen/Audi (VAG) programming class. Equipment to be discussed will include Abrites (AVDI), VAG Tacho, Ross Tech VCDS, and VW/Audi ODIS. Using this equipment, the instructors will take you through key programming and module replacement on vehicles using Immo 1 through Immo 5. Diagnostic scanning and the ability to understand what modules in a vehicle may have been replaced will also be discussed. Hands-on demos will be included.

PureAuto from Lockmasters

Key Generation, Oct. 6

This course offers the student an exciting opportunity to learn the skills needed to generate an automotive key. This extended hands-on portion of the class includes a wide variety of tools that will enable the student to experience success and gain confidence. Learn to sight-read keys, use scopes to read wafers, impression, use of Determinators, Kobra readers, AccuReaders, Lishi 2-in-1 tools, progressioning, keys by code and more. This course is recommended for the locksmith who wishes to expand into automotive locksmithing, or learn how to better exploit their key generation skills.

Advanced Automotive Transponders, Oct. 7

Dates: Oct. 7

Keep up with the ever-changing world of transponders. This class covers transponder systems made since 1996, programming procedures, key blanks, and tools for most transponder-equipped vehicles in North America. This will include the newest procedures and key blanks for the newest models. Learn about the CAN Systems and new PROX systems as well as laptop-based programming options for some vehicles. Includes information on programming and troubleshooting: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and VW/Audi.

Courses are at Lockmasters in Nicholasville, Kentucky. To register, call 866-574-8724. More info:

Texas Locksmith Association Convention

Automotive classes are on tap at the Texas Locksmith Association’s 2023 Convention, Oct.  25-28 in Austin. These include:

Oct.  26: Automotive Lishi, Hands-on Soldering

Oct. 27: VW Audi Group Key Making, Transponder Adaptation

More info:

 UHS Hardware On-Demand Courses

The following recorded, on-demand training sessions can be purchased from UHS Hardware. For more information, visit

Auto 101 - Complete Automotive Locksmith Course

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the Automotive Locksmithing process from start to finish using a variety of key cutting and programming tools like the Xhorse Dolphin XP-005, Xhorse Key Tool Max and KeyTool PlusAutel IM508KEYDIY KD-X2, and more.

Automatic Edge-Cut and High-Security Lishi

This self-paced course is made up of a series of lessons designed to familiarize participants with the anatomy and use of edge-cut and high-security Lishi tools.

The course can be completed in 3-4 days but you will have unlimited access to the materials.

Toyota System 2019+ Key Programming With Autel, Lonsdor & Key Tool Plus Course

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the 2019+ New Toyota System Key Programming on a variety of different models using a few different programming machines. You will be covering adding a key using a dealer code, another key or an emulator in all keys lost situation. 

BMW Key Programming Using Xhorse Key Tool Plus

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the BMW Key Programming on a wide variety of different models using VVDI Key Tool PLUS Tablet - All In One Key Tool. You will be covering a few different systems like EWS, CAS, ISN and FEM/BDC. Depending on the model and year BMW you are working on you will run one of these systems. Learning how read them, unlock them and add keys to them whether through soldering or the use of adapters will allow you work on a multitude of models starting from the first EWS System in 1993 to modern CAS 4/4+ today. 

Automotive EEPROM And Advanced Key Programming.

This EEPROM course teaches locksmiths key programming and immobilizer bypass for modern vehicles. Through video lectures and demonstrations, students learn to use a wide range of tools and software like the VVDI Key Tool PLUS TabletXhorse VVDI PROGTANGO, and VVDI Mini PROG to read immobilizer data from vehicle ECUs and program transponder keys.