Changes On The Horizon

Sept. 18, 2019

During my trip to ALOA this year the amount of people using cell phone images instead of hardcopy tickets to board their flights was very evident. I really felt old school while handing my paper ticket to the gate attendant.

An even more interesting development was discussed in a recent newspaper article concerning 2020 Lincoln Aviators. According to the article, Ford will be introducing a new cell phone-operated feature for Aviators. Called "Phone As A Key," this feature allows the car to be started, locked, unlocked and adjusts several comfort features just by having a programmed cell phone in proximity to the vehicle. Tesla vehicles reportedly already had a similar system.

Vehicle security has quickly evolved from VATS to transponders to fobs What began as extra security for luxury vehicles has worked its way down to commercial vehicles and motorcycles in a relatively short amount of time. These changes have not been lost on aftermarket key blank manufacturers. Key blank manufacturers are now offering protective pockets for cell phones, 'clapper' type inventions for locating lost key chains or cell phones and phone apps for unlocking garage doors.

Studebaker once made Conestoga wagons in the 1800s and developed a $3 million business. When gasoline vehicles became popular, Studebaker quickly changed to the manufacture of cars as demands for wagons disappeared.

Transportation will always be required in one form or another. Security will always be required in one form or another. Successful locksmiths will be those who are ready for the changes.