Smart Pro Meets The Programming Challenge

Oct. 2, 2017
With information for over 5000 vehicles, Advanced Diagnostics' newest OBD vehicle key programmer covers most makes and model worldwide

What started 30 years ago with 15 different Corvette transponder VATS keys has now become a worldwide usage of transponder security systems for virtually every vehicle model.  Each vehicle manufacturer has their own version of a transponder system and the versions are constantly changing in an effort to increase security. In place of the 15 original Corvette VATS keys of 1986, each of the current vehicle transponder security systems have millions of possible individual transponder codes.  Insurance companies are benefitting from the value of increased vehicle security as theft of transponder-equipped vehicles declines each year.  According to one internet site, the theft rate per thousand vehicles has dropped by over 60 percent since 1991. 

While vehicle transponder security is a positive for insurance companies, locksmiths are faced with the daunting job of programming keys or remotes for the ever-changing variety of vehicle transponder security systems.  Advanced Diagnostics has just announced their new Smart Pro programming system to simplify replacement of lost transponder keys or remotes. According to Advanced Diagnostics, "Smart Pro is a state-of-the-art vehicle key programmer that provides fast, easy and intuitive programming via the graphical user interface" and does so without using a PC.  No more dongles or smartcard required. 

As transponder security changes, Advanced Diagnostics develops new ways to meet those changes. Beginning with MVPPro, AD100Pro and TCodePro diagnostic systems, Smart Pro is their latest edition in handheld portable car key programmers.  Smart Pro is equipped with 2GB RAM, 32GB SDD of storage and a Quad Core processor for faster programming procedures.   Smart Pro is capable of displaying several different languages and can be set for the world time zone in which the unit will be used.

Data content from Info Quest (IQ) contains over 5000 vehicle models worldwide.  A 10.1-inch color touchscreen provides a simple step-by-step procedure for programming keys.  A master cable connects Smart Pro to the vehicle OBD port allowing key and remote programming for most makes and models worldwide.  The unit can read and clear selected fault codes, program keys, read PIN codes plus other functions which a particular vehicle will allow.  Updating Smart Pro can be done with a WIFI connection or a USB PC connection.

A home screen displays the following nine choices:

  • Vehicle Selection
  • Programming
  • EOBD
  • Settings
  • Updates
  • My SmartPro
  • My Previous Vehicles
  • My Downloads
  • Transponder

Normal programming begins by touching "Vehicle Selection" on the screen.  An alphabetical listing of vehicle models will be displayed.  A listing of region choices such as Africa, Australia, USA/Canada, etc., will then be displayed.  Once the vehicle and region are chosen, a list will be displayed showing the various types of transponder keys or remotes used by the chosen vehicle by model year.

After the vehicle model, region listing and year of manufacture are chosen, the "Programming" screen will become active.  Choicse on the Programming touchscreen are used to start or stop the key programming procedure.  If certain make, model and vehicle years are frequently programmed, the "Previous Vehicles" choice can be used to quickly access these popularly used models. 

Advanced Diagnostics offers three usage plans. First, user token packs (UTP) are available in groups of 10, 25, 50 or 250 .  Each token can be used during a 24-hour period.

Second, unlimited token plans are available for either a one month or 12-month period.  During the usable time length of the token, 100 percent of Advanced Diagnostics (AD) software is covered.

Third, locksmiths can purchase individual software kits. 

A fourth hybrid plan allows locksmiths to purchase individual software kits and then later purchase 24-hour UTP packs to cover specific vehicles for which they did not originally purchase kits.  This allows you to have 100 percent coverage to temporarily program keys and remotes.  Automatic pop up reminder messages are displayed on the screen as UTP expiry approaches.

Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro includes 6 months FREE UTP. After this period you can choose any of the 5 following options. Upgrading or changing to different levels is available and using selected options simultaneously is possible which makes Smart Pro a true hybrid key programmer.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or: Kaba Ilco Corp., or 800-334-1381. Watch an introductory video on the Smart Pro here: