What’s New At Advanced Diagnostics USA?

May 2, 2014
Company introduces transponder and remote testers, apps, software

Some major changes have occurred at Advanced Diagnostics USA.  Its Headquarters and Operations have relocated to 4125 W. Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118.  Phone: 702-799-9705.  Fax: 702-728-5233.  For most locksmith calls, Tech Support staff members are Cliff Steiner, Ammar Tumah, Donald Jacobs, Brook Francisco and Sophy Peou. Tech Support Hours are weekdays  6 a.m. to 8: p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

TDB002 Transponder Tester

The new Advanced Diagnostics TDB002 Transponder Tester can determine not only if the key or fob is equipped with a transponder, but also if data is being sent by the transponder. It has a frequency range of 125KHz and 133KHz. It can test keys, fobs and remotes equipped with fixed and crypto transponders. A large aperture enables most keys and remotes to be checked. The TDB002 requires 3 AA batteries, normal or rechargeable, and has an operational life expectancy of greater than 20 hours. There is an automatic power-off feature to save battery life. The tester has a low-battery indicator.

AD35 Remote Control Tester

The AD35 Remote Control Tester determines the frequency of Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remote controls. Its frequency range is 100Mhz to 1000Mhz, covering the standard frequencies used by automotive remotes. This battery-operated tester can be helpful when trying to identify remotes from vehicle manufacturers including Ford who use different frequencies depending upon make and model year, while the remotes are visually identical.

To test a remote, place the remote below the LCD screen and activate the remote. The signal is emitted and if in range, received by the AD35. The numeric value will appear on the display. The AD35 requires three AA batteries.

QR Scanner App

Two Apps have been introduced: the QR Scanner App for Web Challenges and the SmartCard App. Minimum requirements for these Apps are an Apple iOS or Android Device and an AD Registered Account for an MVP Pro or TCODE Pro. For the SmartCard App, Pro Testers need to be SmartCard enabled on your mobile device.

The AD QR Scanner App for Web Challenges works on iOS and Android devices. The QR Code Scanner from Advanced Diagnostics provides a quick method to obtain coded responses for vehicles requiring a web challenge procedure. Simply sign in using your AD account and you’re ready to start using the App.  During the key programming procedure, your tester will display a QR code on the screen. Simply scan this using your smartphone with the QR Scanner App to generate a web challenge code. The App requires an internet connection and uses minimum data. The App can be downloaded at either Google Play or the Apple App Store by typing in in ADQRSCANNER in the search bar.

SmartCard App

The AD SmartCard App is an alternative to the SmartCard & Calculator. When you are logged in, the App displays the response code to the device's challenge code. Using the App keypad, enter the response code. The SmartCard and the IQ app can ‘hot swap’ between each other, providing seamless functionality. The App requires an internet connection and uses minimum data.

The App can be downloaded at either Google Play or the Apple App Store by typing in in ADSMARTCARD in the search bar. There is a fee for the iOS and Android versions of this App.

Software Releases

Two software releases were introduced during the last quarter of 2013, the Ford Software ADS209 and the Jaguar/Land Rover Software ADS 207. ADS209 software is for late model Ford vehicles equipped with keyed ignitions (bladed keys) and intelligent access systems (proximity key, push button start). The software is designed for the 2013-14 C-Max, Escape, Fiesta and the 2012-14 Focus (Prox) and 2014 Focus (Keyed Ignition).  Advanced Diagnostics has made a recent announcement of a free  update for Ford 2013 USA Software - ADS209.  The software has been updated with two new vehicles - the Ford Fusion 2013 and the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.  Keyed ignitions (bladed keys) & intelligent access systems (proximity key, push button start) are supported.

Note: A registered NASTF Account including an Advanced Diagnostics login is required to successfully program the Fusion and Lincoln Models mentioned. 

This latest version of Ford software requires that ADS100, ADS172 and ADS175 software be installed.

ADS207 software combines both Land Rover & Jaguar and programs vehicles fitted with proximity keys and remotes in a simple programming procedure. No PIN code is required for these vehicles. Programming of Non-Prox vehicles will require the previous software. Jaguar - ADS151 and Jaguar/Land Rover - ADS151 & ADS207. The new software is available worldwide and is not dependant upon any previous Jaguar or Land Rover software. For MVP PRO Customers, the software will be added free.

In addition, the  2014 Complete User Manual is available including a programming and information.

For the most current information and updates on Advanced Diagnostics Products and Service, contact your locksmith distributor or visit Advanced Diagnostics USA online at  www.adusa.us.

Tony Presidio is director of North American sales for Advanced Diagnostics USA.  Contact Presidio directly at 650-351-8203 or by email at [email protected]