2005 Model Cars, Vans, Pickups, and Sport Utilities Update

Nov. 1, 2005
The second half of our listing continued from the October Locksmith Ledger.

The following chart is a listing of the 2005 model cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles that either have been or will be introduced during the 2005 calendar year. Vehicles are continually being introducing during the year, and this is the most current listing available. We have compiled more than three hundred vehicle models listed from the thirty-six major car manufacturers. The vehicles are divided as cars, vans, pickups and sport utility vehicles. For each model listed, there is the key application, anti-theft system, key code series, number of cuts in the key, and the replacement key blank numbers or as "Dealer item only". The key applications are M-Master, V-Valet, and All- all locks. The "Number of cuts" is the actual number of cuts in each side of the key blade. The replacement key blank numbers are the Ilco, Barnes, Jet, A-1 Manufacturing, Bianchi USA, Hata and STRATTEC numbers. Where possible, numbers are provided for plastic head key blank(s). Metal head key blank numbers are used for valet keys and for lock systems where there are no plastic head key blanks available to the locksmith from these key blank manufacturers. Transponder key blanks will have a transponder value, not the un-programmed clonable transponder if a value equipped transponder key blank is available. However, where no value transponder available, an un-programmed clonable transponder key blank number will be listed. Vehicles that have transponder as optional, the key blank listings will be for transponder key blank numbers.

This list is a work in progress, as we have not been able to examine every model vehicle. We apologize for any error or omissions to this list.

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