Handy Andy: Mark Anything Fast

June 1, 2006
Low cost, computer-driven machine which will automatically print numbers, letters or logos on steel, aluminum or brass metal surfaces.

Columbia Marking Tools has introduced a low cost, computer-driven machine which will automatically print numbers, letters or even logos on steel, aluminum or brass metal surfaces. Called “Handy Andy,” this compact machine will fit in an approximate 10” X 10” area on your work bench.

Handy Andy is not limited to stamping only flat objects such as key blanks or tags. The distance between stamping surface and marking head adjusts to as much as 7.9 inches. Therefore object marking could also include stamping information on larger items such as lock cylinder faces.

The basic Handy Andy package includes the marking unit, a vertical support member with incorporated raise / lower handle and specialized software for operating the machine. A 10” X 10” mounting table is an optional extra.

Software is designed to be used on any Windows system from 95 through XP. Columbia states that the software is easy to understand and operate. Pull down menus, icons, hot keys and text orientation controls minimize training time. The software provides an easy-to-follow grid layout for inserting text to be printed. Text may be electronically moved and resized as needed. The software can also program Handy Andy to mark dates, do sequential numbering or print graphics such as circles or rectangles.

Movement of the marking head is controlled by a two-axis stepper motor. Handy Andy is called a “dot peen marking unit.” Once the head is positioned by the stepper motors, the actual stamping is completed using pneumatic pressure. The Handy Andy Marker requires a compressed air source capable of developing between 20 and 80 psi.

The optional mounting table contains bracket slots. Because of the wide variety of products which Handy Andy can mark, it is up to the machine purchaser to fashion whatever brackets are necessary to firmly hold the item during the marking process.

Handy Andy Markers can save time in a busy locksmith shop while producing identical, repetitive markings. It could also add a profit center to your business by printing tags or other customer accessories. The possibilities are endless. The Columbia website listed below contains an interesting short video of the Handy Andy in operation.

For further information, contact: Columbia Marking Tools Inc., 27430 Luckino, Chesterfield Township, MI 48047. Phone: 800-469-MARK. Website: www.columbiamt.com.