July 1, 2007
The Repli-Code 7 TX is capable of making cloned transponder keys for more than 750 makes, models and vehicle years on the road today.

Vehicle key duplication has developed into a real problem in recent years as the majority of cars became equipped with transponder security systems. Keys could be duplicated easily enough, but in order to complete the programming, locksmiths were required to have the vehicle present. Each different manufacturer had its own programming system and those programming systems often changed without notice.

One answer to vehicle key duplication is cloning. Cloning machines can read transponder information from the owner's key and then transfer that information to a new duplicate. This allows locksmiths to duplicate transponder keys without requiring access to the owner's vehicle. While key cloning is an accepted system, only a limited amount of vehicles could be cloned.

Bianchi USA has introduced a new cloning machine called the Repli-Code 7 TX, capable of making cloned transponder keys for over 750 different make, model and year applications. Cloned keys can be made for fixed code transponders manufactured by Texas Instruments, Philips, Temic, Megamos and Sokymat. The Repli-Code 7 TX is an upgrade to Bianchi's existing transponder programming tool. New features capability to program TI® encrypted keys, generate fixed codes and store customer information on a PC.

Encrypted Texas Instrument keys can be cloned through an innovative communication system. A port on the Repli-Code 7 TX is used to connect to the internet. Information sent to a new Keyline super computer is decoded; then the code to program a Texas Instrument transponder is promptly returned to the locksmith via the Internet.

Two new key kits support the Repli-Code 7 TX. Kit #B7002 contains an assortment of transponder key blanks. GM keys BB97PT5, BB99PT5 and BB103-PT5 are for older keyways and BP04-PT5 is for the new “Z” keyway. Honda keys BH106-PT5 and BHO01T5 fit standard and sidewinder keyways. Mazda BMAZ24RT5, Nissan BNSN11T2, Porsche BHU66T5, Dodge Sprinter BYS15TK1 and Catera BHU46T2 keys are included.

Key kit #B7001 is used for vehicles using Texas Instrument security. Transponder fobs are included for both fixed and encrypted TI systems. Key blades are separate and either fob can be snapped onto the key blade as needed. Blades include: Ford BH72U & BH73U, Chrysler BY160U, Toyota BTOY43U, BTOY57U, BTOY40U & BTOY48U, Mitsubishi BMIT8U, BMIT10U & BMIT9U, Mazda BMAZ24U, Nissan BN102TU plus Subaru BSUB4U.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or: The Bianchi website contains vehicle application charts which can be easily downloaded.



Keyline USA

Nov. 27, 2007