General Motors 93 Groove Vehicles and the Pin Kits That Service Them

Nov. 1, 2007
Be careful when choosing the proper keying kit for a specific vehicle. You must know whose locks are installed on the vehicle. Replacement locks may not be the same manufacturer or lock style.

General Motors first introduced the ten-cut locks using the 93 groove, sometimes called the “Z” keyway, on the 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix and Saturn Ion. The Pontiac Grand Prix uses an Ortec code series, the O5000-O6999. This code series uses four depths of cut, with a .020” increment.

There seems to be a tendency for Ortec built GM locks to have specific wafer tumblers with limited interchange between applications. For example, look at the 2003-on Pontiac Grand Prix. The ignition locks and the deck locks are one wafer tumbler style, while the door locks are another style and the glove compartment is a third style. This same code series was previously used on 75 groove locks also using four depths of cut. However, the increment for the 75 groove locks is .025”.

The 2003 Saturn Ion uses the 93 groove, “Z” keyway lock mechanism and the G0001-G3631 code series. This code series has five depths of cut, with a .020” increment. Over the years, Ortec began using the G0001-G3631 code series on new model vehicles.

NOTE: When originating keys for a GM 75 groove lock, always use .025” increment. When originating keys for a GM 93 groove lock, always use .020” increment.

Over the years a number of General Motors vehicles have been introduced using the 93 groove lock mechanism and a variety of lock styles. There are three styles of 93 groove lock mechanisms: side bar, wafer side bar and wafer. For example, the 2007 Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and the Saturn Outlook use the wafer style ignition lock.

The chart contains the make, model and years of vehicles using the 93 groove lock mechanism and the keying kit with the lock manufacturer's name as a suffix letter.   “O” is for Ortec and “S” is for STRATTEC.

The keying kit part number and manufacturer information is based on the locks and the wafer tumblers originally installed on the vehicle. Replacement locks, even those locks sold by the dealership, may not be the same manufacturer or lock style. If the locks have been replaced, there is no way of knowing whose locks were installed without first seeing the vehicle.

STRATTEC is the only manufacturer that sells 93 groove locks and components to the locksmith industry. Ortec locks and components are sold mainly through the dealerships. However, wafer tumbler keying kits are available for specific makes and models from A1 Security Mfg. and ASP.

The following four keying kits have been produced for servicing 93 groove locks:

STRATTEC has updated its two 93 groove General Motors keying kits into a one two-box kit, #7006412, eliminating duplication of wafer tumblers, springs and components. Box one contains five sets of wafer tumblers, springs, cylinder retainers and actuators. Box two contains face caps, e-clips, shutters, retainers, springs and miscellaneous components. For the purpose of this article, I will use the new STRATTEC part number for the GM 93 groove ten-cut keying kit.

The A1 GM Original Equipment Combination Pinning Kit & Replacement Tumblers Keying Kit #20001 is designed for GM 93 groove “Z” keyway locks. It contains four sets of wafer tumblers and springs. A1 offers a separate keying kit for the 70,000-75,298 code series. This kit is used with Colorado , Canyon and H3 vehicles.

The ASP A-41-152 Keying Kit contains six sets of wafer tumblers, three sets of four-depth wafer tumblers and three sets of five-depth wafer tumblers. There are three sets of compatible springs. This combination keying kit is designed for GM vehicles equipped with the Ortec 93 “Z” groove lock mechanisms using the O5000-O6999 code series and the G0001-G3631 code series. In addition, there is one four-depth wafer tumbler series for the 70,000-75,298 code series Colorado , Canyon and H3 vehicles. The last set is for miscellaneous vehicles including the 1997-99 Cadillac Catera .

The STRATTEC keying kit applications list on the covers refers only to vehicles equipped with the STRATTEC locks. Some of the listed vehicles will only be equipped as retrofit, not as original equipment.

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