Gate Security Solutions

Nov. 1, 2009
Securitron has several gate locking solutions which can be used to design the locking solution for your next gate security application.

Providing custom engineered solutions is a great way to differentiate your company from the competition. Custom engineering involves selecting the various components and wiring list required to accomplish a particular application.

In order to do this, you have to:
Listen to what the client wants.
Thoroughly evaluate their site and requirements.
Spend time researching for the best combination of components for the project.
Revise the details until the project makes sense and the client is happy.
Offer the project at a price which is compatible with the client’s budget.
Doing all these steps takes a lot of time! Well that’s true enough, but the more experienced you are, the easier it will be for you to perform these steps and build lasting and valuable relationships with your clients. Over time you will develop templates of products which you’ve cobbled together which have proven an effective solution.
We frequently encounter projects which involve gates. Gates are used for a variety of applications including vehicle gates into parking lots and estates, as well as pedestrian gates, pool gates and enclosures to stock rooms and storage. Gates are either swinging or sliding.
For access control applications, the locking device will be electrically actuated with some means of override for manual unlocking.
The gate may be manually opened or robotically opened and closed by a power operator.
Site conditions you are likely to encounter working on gates include worn or poorly operating gates, adverse weather conditions, remote locations where power and communications are an issue, and exposure to vandalism.
Securitron Magnalock Corp. ( is constantly expanding its product line, which includes an extensive roster of maglocks, brackets and accessories. Securitron has several gate locking solutions which can be used to design the perfect locking solution for your next gate security application.

IK Installation Kit
We use and recommend the IK  Installation kit. It is a time-saver even if you only do an occasional installation, because it corrals the tools bits and miscellaneous items you will require.
It provides the maglock template for the M32 and M62 maglocks, which simplifies locating the necessary holes to mount the maglock and the armature, a selection of spare parts, and a place to store leftover parts after a maglock installation. Having all this in a sturdy red toolbox makes it easy to locate in your service van, and allow you to bring in most of what you‘ll need in a single trip.
Part #           Description
SDG-1          Heavy Duty Drill Guide
BPT-2           Blind Nut Placement Tool
SB-1            Sex bolt - 32/62/82 SD-375
T-Handle       Hex Wrench
SEP-1          Hardware Pack - 62/82
SEP-2          Hardware Pack - 32
RW-1            Rubber Washers
FW-1            Flat Washers
ICC-1            Insulated Crimpers
TL-1             Threadlock
COD-125      1/8” Cobalt Drill Bit
COD-375      3/8” Cobalt Drill Bit
CAD-375      3/8” Carbide Drill Bit
HS-500         1/2” High Speed Drill Bit
BN-250         Blind Nuts
FC-1             Finish Caps 700-20095
Long Screw Pack 910-70050
Product Installation CD
GL1 Gate Lock
The GL1 1200-pound gate lock is a unique product worth consideration for your next project involving a sliding or swinging gate. Some folks do not know that Securitron offers non-electromagnetic locking products too.
The GL-l Electromechanical Gate Lock is designed for vehicle and pedestrian gates applications requiring a secure and weather-resistant solution.
The GL-1 can be used on both electrically and manually operated gates and can be used for swing gates, sliding gates, stock cage gates or other applications,
Features include:
Magnacare Lifetime Replacement Warranty
2,000 lbs. holding force
Operates under preload up to 100 lbs
Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required
Current draw & Voltage:
12VDC  870mA inrush; 290mA holding Power Consumption: 3.5W
24VDC 720mA inrush; 170mA holding Power Consumption: 4.1W
Fail Secure convertible to Fail Safe
Manual key override {right or left hand)
Self-aligning receiver (+/- 1/2” horizontally and vertically) helps compensate for gate misalignment and sag
Includes latch status monitor
Tamper proof cast aluminum housing
Heavy wall l/2” inside diameter threaded steel coupling
Hardened steel latch
Surface mount
Black powder coated finish
Weather resistant
Flex-Mount Gate Lock Bracket Kits
The Flex Mount Bracket System is a set of mounting brackets designed specifically for use with the 2000 lb. GL1 Gate Lock.and the 1200 lb. M62FG Magnalock® 
The kit includes pre-formed post channels and plates of varying lengths, permitting a professional looking high security gate lock mounting solution without several trips to the hardware store.
Post Shim Brackets are used to adapt both small and large Post Brackets to pole/post sizes smaller than 2” or 3” respectively in 1/8” increments - 1-7/8”, 1-3/4”, 1-5/8” 2-7/8”, 2-3/4”, etc.
When more than two shims are used together on a single post, welding the bracket to the pole/post is always recommended. All necessary mounting hardware including four Post Shims is included with each Flex-Mount Kit.
Features include:
Pre-configured kits include all lock mounting hardware and post shims
Post brackets are pre-drilled, lock and strike brackets are pre-tapped
8” tall x 3/16” thick zinc-plated steel provides durability and long life
Lock and strike brackets are reversible doubling the mounting variations
Allows simple bolt on installation, or the entire system can be welded
Allows superior adjustabililty of lock and strike before final welding
Permits electronics to be mounted on either the fence post or gate post

1200 lb. Holding Force Gate Magnalock®
The 1200 lb. holding force, weatherproof, face-mounted Magnalock is equipped with conduit fitting and automatic dual voltage. This lock is also available with the typical top mount, where the mounting holes are vertical. The conduit fitting provides better tamper-resistance and weather proofing for wiring to the maglock. 
Features include:
Patented instant release circuit - no residual magnetism
Fully sealed electronics - tamper proof and weatherproof
Ten feet [3.05m] of jacketed, stranded conductor
Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required
Universal threaded conduit fitting is 1/2” female - 3/4” male
SASM is a simple-to-install Stainless Steel parts kit
SASM main spring provides 5/8” impact compression and 110lbs. resistance
SASM anti-kickback spring provides 3/8” of rebound travel to return the gate to the normal “home” position
Specification Data
Holding Force: 1200 lbs. [544 kg]
Current Draw and Voltage: 250mA at 12VDC; 125mA at 24VDC
Operating Temperature: -40 to +140F [-40 to +60C]
Shipping Weight: M62FG-SASM - 12 lbs.
Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty

ZA Bracket Kit
The ZA Bracket Kit is an adjustable Z Bracket Kit  for use on inswinging doors. Having one of these on the truck can turn a gloomy day into a sunny day.
The Z-Bracket Kit is used on inswing doors with the “F” type Magnalock.
Overall length is 8.5” and it provides 1.25” of lateral movement to accommodate most openings and allows for precision adjustments from 2-1/4” to 3-1/2” from door/header. The unit includes an oversized dress cover

(TJ) M38/M68 Inswing Door Kit
This Top Jamb inswing door kit is used to mount the M38 or M68 lock on the secure side of a door that swings into a secured area. It includes a Z Bracket and an oversized dress cover.

Offset Strikes
Armature Offset Strikes are for those installations where you cannot easily drill the armature sex bolt hole because the frame is too narrow, or the stop is too thick, or the door has a channel in the top.
These offset strikes alter the position of the mounting hole by 1/4” [6mm]. This is often required to clear the glass on aluminum frame store front doors.
They are available for the 62, 68, and 82 Magnalocks

Armature Split Strikes
These strikes are used for applications where a pair of doors requires only a single maglock to provide adequate security. This solution impresses clients by saving them money while still allowing you to provide a maglock with a lifetime warranty.
They allow a single M32, M38, M62, M68 or M82 Magnalock to secure a double door at traffic control holding force level.

The Shock Absorbing Strike Mount (SASM) controls excessive impact between the strike and the Magnalock, dramatically prolonging the life of the lock, gate and other hardware.
Especially handy for large heavy doors and gates, SASM is a simple-to-install stainless steel parts kit that converts any M32, M62 or M82 Magnalock strike plate into an effective shock absorbing device offering 5/8” [16mm] of impact compression and 110lbs. of resistance.
SASM is available with the M62FG, or as an individual kit to retrofit existing M32, M62 or M82 Gate Magnalock installations. The SASM prolongs the life of the maglock, door/gate and frame. It is recommended for high security perimeter fence gates and electrically operated sliding gates.
The incorporated anti-kickback spring allows 3/8” [9.5mm] rebound travel that returns the gate to the normal “home” position. SASM will improve the operation and extend the life expectancy of the Magnalock, strike plate and gate bracketry. It works in any orientation. Bracket is not included.

Power Supply

These power supplies are recommended where an interface with a fire alarm system or battery backup is needed. The BPS linear power supply delivers more current than Plug-in-power supplies (Wall-warts). Additionally all BPS models are UL Class 2 listed, allowing for wire runs without the use of conduit from power supply to door. The BPSH series operates with 220VAC.
Features include:
1, 4 or 8 separate output circuit breakers based on model
LEDs monitor zone status (voltage, no voltage)
Slide switches connect or disconnect load from power (excludes 1 Amp)
Internal capability of charging option 12 or 24VDC sealed lead acid backup batteries while operating the DC load (battery not included)
Complete - Requires only 110VAC to the fused input (BPS)
Rugged steel enclosure
Provided with terminals for fire alarm relay connection, allowing release of all devices upon fire alarm activation
Clean linear power for flawless operation with all sensitive active electronic components
BPS UL Listed
Operating Temperature: +32 to +105F [0 to +40C]
Shipping Weight:
BPS-12-1, BPS-24-1: 9 lbs.
BPS-12-3, BPS-24-2: 15 lbs.
BPS-12-45 and BPS-24-3: 18 lbs.
BPS-12-6 and BPS-24-4: 24 lbs.
BPS-12-9 and BPS-24-6: 28 lbs.
BPS-12-15 and BPS-24-10: 33 lbs
Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty
NOTE: Batteries not included but available from Securitron