Door push & pull bars

Dortronics 5278 Series Touchle 10862568
Door Hardware

5278 Series Touchless Switches

The Dortronics Systems Inc. 5278 Series Touchless Switch is engineered with an imbedded optical sensor that picks up motion within a four inch (4”) range of the face plate. If...
Door Hardware

Pro-Lok Purchases Assets of MAG Manufacturing

Sept. 23, 2011
Orange, CA (Sept. 23, 2011: PRO-LOK announces the purchase of the entire manufacturing facility that was once MAG Manufacturing. The asset-only acquisition will add approximately...
Rear door, exterior view
Door push & pull bars

Installing the Detex ECL-230X Series Exit Control Locks

Aug. 4, 2011
For many years exit control locks have been installed onto exit doors that have been designated for emergency use only. These include back doors in stores, markets, restaurants...
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Door Handle Backing

Door Handle Backing glow in the darkPERMALIGHT photoluminescent Door Handle Backings make the door hardware of intermediate and final exit doors immediately visible to evacuees...
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Securitron EMB

Jan. 28, 2011
ISC West Booth 11067The Securitron electromechanical bar (EMB) is a non-latching, 100% mechanical exit bar designed for use on magnetically locked, non-fire-rated doors - or as...