In Egypt, Sales of Household Safes Soar

Nov. 2, 2011
""I advise anyone wanting to protect larger sums of money, important personal documents, or jewellery to buy an American-made safe," says Egyptian safe importer Ahmed Faheem.

CAIRO - The repetitive break and entry (B&E) incidents and the lack of police presence after the January 25 revolution have led many people in Cairo to buy the old-fashioned household safes to preserve their valuables, precious documents and money, shop owners said.

"The Egyptians are buying household safes. Sales have gone up during the last nine months. Some stores report running low on stock. There are not enough safes to sell this day. Many customers come everyday to inquire about which safe to buy for their homes," Ahmed Faheem, a safe importer and manufacturer in Cairo, has told The Egyptian Gazette.These household safes offer protection after many burglary incidents have occurred in the Greater Cairo area recently. Now, the people are putting all their cash money, valuables, or precious documents in the safe," Faheem said.

Safe sales have soared over the past nine months due to the lack of security nationwide, he said. "Worried people are taking their money out of banks and buying home safes in an attempt to feel secure that their valuables are within their reach," he explained.

The ongoing security situation has led to a noticeable increase in the safe sale because there is a lack of confidence in banks and low police presence, he said.

"It is more secure to buy a safe and keep my own money at home," Fadel Ibrahim, a potential customer, said. Faheem said that some Cairo-based governmental departments and companies were planning to buy some higher-grade safes for keeping larger sums of money and official documents after many high-way robberies occurred in many governorates.

"I advise anyone wanting to protect larger sums of money, important personal documents, or jewellery to buy an American-made safe, whose price ranges between LE6,000 and up to LE20,000," Faheem said.

These days, he continued, customers prefer to buy a certain model of an American safe. "This fire-proof model has a steal door, four shelves, and a digital electronic lock with a programmable combination. It can be easily put behind furniture, or hidden inside a closet. It also has spacious interior provides enough room for the family's valuables. This secure model can be easily installed," he said. However, many customers prefer to buy Asian-made home safes because they are cheap.

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