dormakaba Axessor Apexx: Seamless Access Control for Safe, Vault and ATM Segments

April 11, 2024

Axessor Apexx transforms the way access control and audit reporting are managed for cash and security assets across global financial institution, ATM and retail segments. This multi-lock, IP-connected solution provides advanced security encryption and remote management capabilities, reducing the need for additional administrative costs.

With the ability to add or delete users remotely, receive near real-time audits and apply security settings, Axessor Apexx sets a new standard for safe locks. Additionally, this innovative solution reduces an enterprise-wide risk profile through automated push notifications and customized end-of-day reporting.

“The Apexx platform is a harmonization effort that delivers cutting-edge technology with unprecedented flexibility for remote user management,” said Bruce Kayal, SVP & GM, Global Safe Locks, dormakaba. “Apexx brings a 21st century look, feel and simplification to how our clients have asked to remotely manage access to secured containers across the enterprise.”

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