Safe on the Move!

Jan. 4, 2024
With the right equipment, safe moving can be a one-man job.

Imagine single-handedly removing a large, bolted-down safe from a cellphone store. This job involves removing a safe from a cellphone store. The safe weighs in between 600 and 800 pounds. This can be a one-man job, as long as you have some knowledge and the right equipment, but it’s usually recommended not to do this alone.  However, sometimes you have no choice and need to do the job without a helper.

This particular safe has a baseplate that is bolted to the floor, and then the safe is bolted to the baseplate. So removing the concrete anchors attaching the baseplate to the floor was step number one.

Next, Wayne had to get this safe on a pallet jack, ready to go for a little ride out the door, through a utility hallway and outside. He got it loaded up on the pallet, strapped and secured, with some moving blankets around the safe. Then the safe was shrink- wrapped securely with multiple layers. The baseplate would not quite fit inside. Unfortunately, the shelving pushed it out too far.

Next, he loaded the safe into the waiting “safe chariot,” a specifically design safe-moving trailer. He tried to put the baseplate in the safe, but that did not work, so he had to secure it on top with a heavy duty four-inch strap. These straps are designed for a semi-trailer and they really help.

Tools needed: It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a good assortment of sockets. An impact driver certainly helps. Additionally, the strapping, blankets and plastic wrap help get the job done.

For security purposes, it’s better to film a safe removal than a safe installation. This video does not provide any information about where the safe will be re-installed. That way, there’s no chance of any security threat.

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