The Locksmith Documentary

Feb. 27, 2024
New video series follows a day in the life of a locksmith

Wayne Winton, owner of Tri-County Locksmith Services in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has launched an interesting new YouTube series, The Locksmith Documentary, that showcases a typical day in the life of a locksmith and also offers some sound business advice.

Episode 3 starts out with a call from a commercial business saying their lock is not locking from the inside or the outside. This one is an easy fix. After some testing, it’s determined that a small rock is lodged at the bottom of the opening, preventing it from fully closing. The pebble is removed and the lock is tested and operating just fine.

Other calls in this typical day include:

Rekeying five doors with GMS restricted keyways after an employee was fired and did not return his key. The customer did not take his locksmith’s advice to have employees sign a key control document saying that if a key is not returned, the cost of rekeying will be deducted from their final paycheck, so the customer had to bear the cost.

A safe opening. Wayne did get the electronic lock opened, but the lock was in poor condition, so he replaced it with an American Security ESL10 lock.

A vault door installation.

Installation of an Arrow storeroom function cylindrical lock.

A small home safe opening, done quickly with an HPC tubular lock pick

A call to open a garage door, with not much information on the job. It turned out that the garage door linkage was broken.

A safe delivery

Magnetic lock not releasing. The repair was made and Wayne found that the customer had installed a deadbolt, making the opening not code-compliant. He advised the customer that the deadbolt violated fire code and documented the conversation.

Residential door failing to latch shut. This was a “handyman’s special” gone wrong. The latch had been installed backwards.

Watch for upcoming episodes on Winton's YouTube channel.