Computer Software

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Business & Technical Aids

Genericode 17 from Framon Mfg.

Genericode 17 is now available from your distributor or Framon Manufacturing Company. We have added new high security, cabinet, switch and padlock codes as well as several new...
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Business & Technical Aids

Salto ProAccess SPACE 3.0

April 5, 2017
ProAccess SPACE offers a web-based, easy-to-use access control platform with a user-centered interface designed for maximum efficiency in managing users and doors. The latest ...
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Computer Software

Ocularis 5.3

Feb. 8, 2017
Ocularis 5.3 offers a host of new features and functionality that further increase VMS versatility, mobility and performance. Ocularis 5 Web allows users to simultaneously view...
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Electronics & Access Control

Cloud-Based, Real-Time Managed Access and Monitoring

The new hosted and managed access control service provided under this partnership delivers all the benefits of a locally managed system without customers having to take responsibility...
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Automotive tools

Keyline TKG.KIT

Dec. 2, 2016
Keyline introduces the TKG.KIT, a revolutionary new software update to clone Texas® 80-bit chips that are used on many Toyota® models with a ‘G’ stamped on the blade.This software...