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Capitol Magnetic Padlock

Capitol Industries introduces the all new Magnetic Padlock, crafted to exceed industry standards. Using a patented magnetic technology, the Magnetic Padlock is distinguished by...
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Electronics & Access Control

8310 Electromagnetic Lock

These hard-working multi-purpose electromagnetic locks enhance building security and install quickly. Several standard features make these magnets the

Door Alarms and Building Codes

Dec. 3, 2010
A healthcare facility was concerned about meeting code requirements but also needed to prevent patients from wandering off in the event of an emergency
Electronics & Access Control

Electromagnetic Locks: Approved, Listed, Recognized & Certified

Oct. 1, 2010
Maglocks are relatively inexpensive, work many door and gate types, have no moving parts and are reliable and cost effective.
Electronics & Access Control

Early Warning System: RCI Early Warning EM Lock

Sept. 3, 2010
In this installation, the Early Warning EM Lock is used to separate two portions of a medical clinic and to alert owners to forced entry attempts.

Electronic Cabinet Locks

May 3, 2010
Security for inside and outside of the cabinet