New STRATTEC Products for 2018

May 2, 2018
STRATTEC Security's comprehensive catalog assists locksmiths in choosing the correct factory original products for the job

Automotive security continues to move towards keyless electronic locking systems. STRATTEC Security supports this movement by providing locksmiths with transponder keys, remotes and locksets for many domestic vehicles plus an array of remotes for popular import vehicles.

A new 2018 comprehensive catalog makes finding STRATTEC parts as simple as possible. A Key Applications section includes on-board transponder programming instructions plus parts listings by make and model. A Key Specifications displays key code series and cross reference numbers between STRATTEC and OEM dealers’ parts. An important Remote Applications section lists remotes by make. A Lock Applications includes information on available locks and pinning kits. Pictures and Illustrations are displayed throughout the 2018 STRATTEC catalog. New items shown in the 2018 STRATTEC catalog include remotes for selected years of Toyota, Nissan and Subaru vehicles.

Many 2018 vehicles offer PEPS as standard or as an option. Passive entry passive start (PEPS) is designed to allow vehicle entry and push button engine starting as long as the FOB is in close proximity. In case of electronic failure an emergency key is usually enclosed within the FOB and can be used to unlock the vehicle door.

Some Ford Company models include optional 2-way FOBS, which send locking and starting information and also receive information back from the vehicle on the engine and door lock status.


Passive vehicle security systems are used by 2018 Envision, Enclave, LaCrosse and Cascadia models. STRATTEC offers emergency key 5929947, which is used for all of these models. The Buick FOB for these models is a dealer-only item. A door lock kit 7029949 is available from STRATTEC and can be used for all four 2018 Buick models.

2018 Buick Encore models use a Flip style FOB, 5912555 (3 button) and 5912556 (4 button). An Encore transponder key 7013237 is also available.

Mechanical ignition locks are available for 2018 Regal and Verano models. Ignition lock is part 7012918 and door lock is part 7012919. PEPS keys are 5912555 or 5912556. Non-PEPS keys include 5912558 and 5912559.

Buick Enclave uses a passive security system for 2018.


New on-board programmable proximity remotes are available from STRATTEC for select Cadillac models. Remotes 5931852 and 5931857 are used for SRX models 2010-2015. Remote 5931855 is used for ATS/CTS/XTS models 2013-2014. Remote 5931856 is used for ATS/ELR/XTS models 2013-2015. A STRATTEC emergency key for the remotes, 5912534, is sold separately.

2018 Cadillac CT6 models use a FOB which is dealer-only. STRATTEC door locks 7022907/7022908 and a 5922070 emergency key are available from STRATTEC. 2018 Cadillac CTS and ATS models use a PEPS system. Left and Right door locks are STRATTEC 7022907 and 7022908. The emergency key is part number 5912534. FOBS are dealer-only. Code series is V0001-V6000 laser-cut keys.

2018 Cadillac SRX and XTS models contain a PEPS security system. SRX models require a 7016321 door repair kit. XTS models require left and right door kits of 7022907 and 7022908. The emergency key part is 5912534. FOBS are dealer-only. Code series is V0001-V6000 laser-cut keys.

2018 Cadillac ELR, Escalade and Escalade ESV models use a PEPS security system. Left and Right door repair kits are 7022907 and 7022908. The emergency key part number is 5922070. FOBS are dealer-only.


Bolt EV uses a passive security system. Door lock repair kit is 7029949. The STRATTEC emergency part number is 5929363.

Camaro models have a passive security system. Camaro door repair kit is 7022907. The emergency key blank is part 5929947. Camaro FOB is dealer-only. 2018 Malibu models also have a passive security system and use the same door lock repair kit as Camaro. The Malibu emergency key is 5929363. Malibu FOBs are dealer-only.

Impala models are available with either PEPS or non PEPS systems. Ignition repair kit is 7012918 and door lock repair kit is 7012919. 4 and 5 button flip keys and 5 button PEPS keys are available.

Cruze models use a PEPS system. The emergency key is part number 5929363. FOB is dealer-only.

Traverse models use a passive uses a passive security system for 2018. The remote is 5922373.

Chevrolet Trax uses locks made by Huf. STRATTEC does furnish a flip style remote 5913597.

Chevrolet/GMC Colorado, Canyon, Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban and Yukon all use laser type key systems. Chevrolet Express and GMC Savanna use GM logo Circle Plus laser blanks of 5928275. Coined blanks of 4225455 are also available. Door repair kit is 5926115.

Express, Savanna, Colorado, Canyon, Silverado, Sierra, Yukon & Tahoe models all share a common ignition lock of left and right door locks of 7022907 and 7022908. 8-cut laser key blanks 5928092 (Colorado) and 5928094 (Canyon with logos are available. 10-cut Logo keys for Chevrolet Silverado/Tahoe (5927928) and GMC Sierra/Yukon (5927933) are also available.

Chevrolet SS and Caprice PPV models are made by Holden in Australia. PEPS FOB 5921873 is available for Chevy SS and FOB 5912545 is available for Caprice PPV models. Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain will change to passive security for 2018 (Yushin). Chevrolet VOLT will use PEPS security for 2018. Door lock repair kit is 7022907. Emergency key is 5929363. FOB is dealer-only. Chevrolet City Express uses a Nissan platform. STRATTEC Key blank is 7003526. 2018 Chevrolet Captiva is Daewoo-based. STRATTEC key 7011685 circle plus and FOB 5922035 are available.

The GMC Acadia uses a passive security system for 2018. Door lock repair kit is 7022907. Emergency key is 5929947. FOB is dealer-only.


Ford F150 Raptor is available with a PEPS 2-way FOB (5933019), a PEPS 1-way FOB (5933020) or a static ignition key (5923293). A FOB emergency key is part 5931475.

F25/F350/F450/F550 super duty trucks are available with a 2-way 4 button FOB (5923694), 2-way 3 button FOB (5929509), 2-way 5 button FOB (5926503) and a static key (5923293). An emergency key for the FOBs is part 5929522. F series trucks are available with a PEPS 1-way system (5926057-3 button), (5926061-2 button) or PEPS 2-way FOBS (5926054 5-button) (5926053 4-button). A 4223891 emergency key is available. Optional Non-PEPS FOBs for Ford F series trucks are also available. The static ignition key is part 5923293. F series lock repair kits include: ignition- 7026751, left and right door locks- 7026856/7026858, spare tire lock-7026861, tailgate lock-7026860.

2018 Ford F650/F750 lock systems continue with an edge cut lock system, IPAT- 5913441, IKT- 5921467. Ford Fiesta key blanks include button keys 5921709 and 5922964, 5925237(steel), 5925988(nickel silver), 5919918 (FOB) and emergency key 4212475.

Ford Focus key blanks include 5921709 (button), 5922964 (button), 5925988 (nickel silver), FOB 5921286, PEPS 5926059 and emergency key 4212475. Focus BEV modules are available with regular PEPS FOB 5921286, Euro PEPS FOB 5923790 and emergency key 5923267.

C-Max Energi models use Euro PEPS FOB 5923790 and emergency key 5923267. C-Max gas models use keys 592109, 5922964, 5925988, PEPS 3 FOB 5919918.and emergency key 5923267.

Fore Fusion offers optional Gen4 FOB (5923694), Gen5 4 button FOB (5929506), Gen5 5 button 2way (5929500), Gen5 5 button 1way (5929507). An alternative key 5923293 and an emergency key 5929522 are also offered.

Mustang Cobra models use a 1way FOB (5933021) and an emergency key (5931475). Standard Mustang models have a PEPS 1way FOB (5929510), PEPS 2way FOB (5929505) and emergency key (5929522),

Escape models use Euro FOB (5923790) and emergency key (5923267).

Expedition uses PEP FOBS (5921285 or 5921286) or IKT keys (5912512 or 5921467). Explorer models used either 3 button flip FOB (5923667), PEPS FOB (5923896, 5926060 or 5926057) and emergency key (4223891).

2018 Flex models use FOB 5921285 and emergency key (4233891). 2018 Edge models use a passive security system with either a 4 button FOB (5926060), 5 button FOB (5923896) and emergency key (4223891).

Ford Transit uses 4 button key (5925981). Transit FOB is dealer only. Transit Connect uses laser cut keys with 3 button key (5921707), 4 button key (5921709).

Taurus models offer optional Gen2 3 button FOB (5921285) , Gen2 4 button 5921298 and emergency key (5912345). Taurus, Explorer and F150 police models use standard 8-cut flat keys (597638). Transit PTV police models use laser keys (5925988).


2018 Continental, MKC and MKZ models use 5 button FOB (59290515) or 4 button FOB (59295516). An alternative key (5923293) and emergency key (5929533) are also available.

Lincoln MKT uses FOB (5921285) and emergency key (6912345). Lincoln MKX uses 4 button FOB (5925315), 5 button FOB (5925213) and emergency key (4223891). Navigator models use PEPS FOB (5921288) and emergency key (5912345).

With few exceptions, electronic security is now standard equipment on all vehicles and light trucks sold in North America. Modern vehicle security began with the use of 15 different electronic codes for 1986 Corvettes. As thieves invented ways to bypass vehicle security, manufacturers routinely responded with more intricate electronic security systems.

The results of continual vehicle security system changes can be found in the listings above. At one time each manufacturer such as GM or Ford used one key blank for several years and for all of their car models. This is not the case today. Products and servicing procedures constantly vary by year, make and model. STRATTEC Security solves this problem with their comprehensive catalog which assists locksmiths in choosing the correct factory original products for the job.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or:, 877-251-8798