Oct. 15, 2003

Editor's Note: The following letter, sent to the White House on Aug. 4, 2003, is part of the drive to establish a national Professional Locksmiths Day.

Dear Mr. President,
Hard working security professionals, American locksmiths that daily keep the American Homeland secure, request your recognition.

The enclosed petitions have approximately 8,000 signatures requesting that you recognize the substantial efforts these tireless and intrepid small business entrepreneurs by proclaiming the first Monday of October, which is National Crime Prevention Month, as “PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS DAY.”

In the past few years, several governors, including Tommy Thompson, when he was governor of Wisconsin, have made such proclamations for individual states.

The signers of the petitions, from every state in the nation, appreciate the efforts of professional locksmiths and believe that it is time for the whole nation to recognize “PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS DAY.”Hoping that you will proclaim the first Monday of October as “PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS DAY” at your earliest convenience.

Very sincerely and respectfully,
John (The Lock) Dorsey CML CPS CFL


Here is my idea for a Ledger card. Hope you can use it!

Typical bill when locked out of your vehicle:

Amateur with opening tool: Initial charge: Questionable. Damage to vehicle: Likely and could be expensive.
Professional Locksmith: Initial charge: Varies. Damage to vehicle: None.

Which is really the best bargain?

William A. Bischoff
Cedarburg, WI


I have been a locksmith since 1988. I think it was not long after I got my first job as a locksmith that I really started to use your book, I wonder how many service calls you have been on with me? Thanks for all the help!

Anyway here I am looking to start a small auto service and I need to update my books. You are on top of my list any help you can send me will me much appreciated. I am going to resubscribe to Locksmith Ledger so I can access books there. I love your books and you have made the job I love a little better by your efforts!

Steve Esling via E-mail

Editor's Note: General Code Book, Volume 15, is now available. To order this new reference, call 920-568-8351.