Ford Focus Facts from HPC

Nov. 1, 2008
HPC recommends using under & over car-opening tools when servicing a lockout on a Ford Focus.

With the price of gas moving steadily upward, smaller cars such as the Ford Focus (photo 1) are increasingly the vehicle of choice for thrifty drivers. When first introduced in 2000, the car suffered from a quirky ignition lock which often failed after just a few weeks of usage.  From a locksmith perspective, Focus ignition locks proved to be a profitable service procedure.  For owners, it was a monumental headache. Despite ignition problems, the Ford Focus has become quite popular.

HPC has furnished the following instructions for solving a Focus lockout.  Focus vehicles use covered cable lock controls instead of an open rod locking system.  As a result, HPC recommends using under & over tools when servicing a lockout.

Begin by inserting two HPC AW-34 wedges 8 to 10 inches apart and approximately near the center of the door (photo 2). Insert the wedges just far enough to allow clearance for the insertion of an HPC AW-34 tool. 
Insert the AW-34 tool into the door cavity between the two wedges (photo 3) with the loop facing the rear of the vehicle. Lower the tool into the opening far enough to allow the tool to pass the bottom of the window.
Turn the tool the tool handle clockwise so the loop is moved inward toward the inside surface of the glass (photo 4). Remove the wedges to take pressure off of the glass.

Pull upward on the tool until the looped portion moves past the inner weatherstripping and into the passenger compartment (photo 5).

Once the tool is located inside the passenger compartment, lower the tool down and in line with the inside lock control (photo 6).

Place the tip of the tool on the lock control button or electric locking switch, and unlock the door (photo 7).

Insert one or two HPC wedges as necessary on the inside surface of the glass. Insert the wedge(s) just far enough to provide an opening for removing the  HPC CO-61 tool (photo 8), then slowly lower the tool into the door cavity until the loop is below the door glass.

Remove the wedge(s) from the inner glass surface and reposition them on the outer glass surface just deep enough to provide space for removal of the opening tool. Rotate the tool counter-clockwise until the tool loop is positioned on the outer side of the glass. Lift the tool upward until it is completely out of the door cavity (photo 9).   
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