News Briefs: Master Lock ProSeries Recodable Padlocks Save Time, Money

July 1, 2011

Property owners and security managers now can change the keying on locks in as little as 15 seconds with ProSeries® Recodable solid steel padlocks introduced by Master Lock Company. That’s great news when the unexpected happens and a new key is needed. It’s no longer necessary to replace the padlock or have to wait on someone else to rekey it.

A patented cylinder in the new ProSeries 7053 and 7053LJ Recodable locks enables property owners and managers to use a simple change tool in order to switch from one key to that opens a lock to another key. This can be done in four easy steps:

(1) Insert the current key and turn it to the unlocked position.

(2) With the key still in, insert the change tool into a hole in the cylinder next to the keyway.

(3) Remove the old key and insert the new key, with the change tool still in place.

(4) Remove the tool and turn the new key to the original (unlocked) position.

The new key now will open the lock.

“Our ProSeries Recodable padlocks can be real time- and money-savers in any situation where re-keying is needed for security purposes, or when the user wants to match padlock and door hardware so they can use a single key for both,” said John Ficcadenti, Master Lock Senior Product Manager, Security Products.  

“For greater convenience, our Recodable padlocks can be keyed to match Master Lock Grade 3 residential and recodable door hardware or any door with a Kwikset® keyway. In any case, re-keying is simple and fast. It avoids the time and expense of obtaining and installing new locks and can be repeated as often as needed.”

Along with re-keying speed, ease and savings, durable solid-body, solid steel ProSeries Recodable padlocks stand up to the elements as well as would-be intruders. Boron alloy shackles are twice as hard to cut as standard hardened shackles. The padlocks’ ball-bearing locking mechanism provides superior protection against prying, shimming and rap attacks. Resistance to lock bumping and picking is also built into these new padlocks.

“For owners and managers of business operations or multi-family properties where frequent tenant or employee turnover is the norm, ProSeries Recodable padlocks are an ideal choice,” sums up Ficcadenti. “These padlocks make it easier than ever to maintain security for storage lockers, gates and fences, storefronts and other things, with single-key convenience and do-it-yourself savings as part of the bargain.”