Padlock Spotlight

Oct. 1, 2006
Padlock in the October spotlight include the Medecco 68R, the ABUS 83/80 and 83WP/53 Series and more.

Medeco's newest padlock – The G8R – is a strong, weather resistant lock; designed to withstand physical attack and resist damage from the elements. Constructed of solid stainless steel, the G8R can be specified with either stainless or hardened steel shackles. And since a lock is only as secure as the person holding the key, the G8R uses a high security mechanical cylinder to be certain that keys cannot be copied without authorization.

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ABUS introduces two new padlocks to the 83 Series family: the 83/80 and the 83WP/53. The 83/80 is solid hardened steel lock body with a 5/8" diameter special shackle. Width is 3 ¼", a massive padlock. This padlock will accept the normal 83 Series cylinders with the Z-Bar feature.

The 83WP Series is manufactured with a solid steel body. Shackle diameter is 5/16" made from Special Alloy. There are three versions.

83WP/53: Accepts normal 83 Series cylinder with Z-Bar

83WP/53-KnK: Key-Knob, Accepts OEM cylinders, ASSA, Lori, Medeco, Schlage C, Schlage Everest, Schlage Primus, with Z-bar.

83WP/53-IC: Interchangeable Core with Z-bar, Accepts, small format cylinders.

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Master Lock cylinders fit directly into Pacific Lock padlocks! Have an Edge or Pro-Series 6-pin cylinder? No problem, it goes right in! Is it a 4-pin cylinder? Just get the Master plug extension and it goes right in! What could be better? Buy a PACLOCK with “Your Logo, Your Locks" customization and slap your Master cylinders right in! Now there's no question your customers will be coming back to you for more. Indicate 424 on eInquiry

CCL Security Products, a division of The Eastern Company, introduces the Super Sesamee™. Developed at the request of institutional and industrial users of 4-dial combination padlocks, the Super Sesamee offers all of the benefits of a solid steel padlock, with the weather resistance of an all brass padlock.

Super Sesamee is a 4-dial all brass body Sesamee® padlock which has been super sized for the industrial world. It features a 7/16" Chrome Plated Molybdenum shackle available with 1" and 2" inside vertical shackle clearances, and with the body completely encased in a hardened steel full metal jacket which has been E-Coated for weather resistance. These two locks are the K636 and K637. The Super Sesamee series also features the K646 model, a Super Sesamee with a full Shrouded Shackle for additional protection against bolt-cutters, saws and grinders, with a 1" inside vertical shackle clearance.

The Super Sesamee Series offers 10,000 end user re-settable combinations, with easy to use end user instructions.

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American Lock
The American Lock Weatherbuilt™ offering provides the harsh environment features that customers demand. Patent-pending keyway cover and patented shackle seals block debris and moisture. Convenient, sliding keyway cover separates for easy key insertion and rotation. New Stainless steel and brass shackle options resist corrosion. Order the offering on 2" & 1-3/4' wide standard and small format interchangeable core American Lock padlocks or purchase service components to retrofit an existing system. The harshest environments don't stand a chance!

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Schlage Kryptonite
Kryptonite by Schlage announces that four new 2' and 4' length locking cables are now in stock and ready to ship.

Commercial Grade Locking Cable Features:

  • Vinyl coating protects steel from weather exposure and protects locked property from nicks and scratches
  • Braided steel is stronger and has more steel per square inch than twisted steel cables for greater cut resistance
  • Die cast zinc locking head increases security against physical attack
  • Dust cover protects keyway from external contaminants
  • Available in conventional key-in-knob or SFIC cylinder formats
  • 5/8" diameter cables available in three cable lengths – 2', 4', 6'
  • ¾" diameter cables available in 6' length only

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