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Jan. 11, 2011


Adam Weinraub gave his strong opinions on tow truck drivers, reposessors and police departments who unlock cars. Allen Kutchins suggested ways to figure job pricing. Milt Wolferseder opened a Mosler record safe. Even then these Mosler safes were made in Mexico. Jerry Levine discovered the Bosch 93005 door holder. This tool is designed to make any installation a one-man job. Jerry Levine also reported in 1990 on the Ford anti-theft system. This was six years before it appeared in the Mustang. Locksmith Ledger reported on their Seminar-At-Sea cruise to the Caribbean. Steve Young reported showed how to service the Nissan keyless entry system. Gayle Pasternak interviewed dedicated locksmith Connie Cacy, from Colorado. Where is she now? Michael Felsenstein explained the usage of various Dremel Tools. Michael said, "Don't leave home without one." Sean DeForrest voiced his concerns about conflicts in the distribution channel. Roy Bowling suggested some tools for installing alarm systems. John Grist demonstrated how to install a TL15 Floor safe.


John Grist wrote an article about the Lori (Now Kaba) L10 lock system. Gale Johnson explained the MX key system which features key control instead of high security. Wade Landrum studied two new cam locks from Pagota and Abaco. Jerry Levine outlined the steps necessary to rekey a Mul-T-Lock padlock. Locksmith Ledger featured a van contest in 2000. Ideas from the contest can still be put to good use today. Awards were given for best Pickup, Van and Walk-in van. Tiny serviced a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am with an in-dash ignition system. Installation of a Sargent 10-line Keypad lock was discussed. Jerry Levine introduced the Omnilock OM2000 by OSI. Jerry Levine also described how variations in the plug location in a mortise cylinder can affect the functioning of the bolt unit. High Tech issued a concern about wedging door frames and using long-reach car opening tools. A new software product called Lock Butler was discussed. Where are they now? Locksmith Ledger also discussed ADA laws and how they affect the locksmith. Milt Wolferseder showed the workings of a Sentry insulated safe cabinet.


Island Master Locksmiths of Jerico, N.Y., sent in photos of their Sprinter locksmith van. The van is a traveling billboard featuring all of their many offered security services. People observing this van on the road will obviously remember the Island Master name the next time they need

the services of a locksmith.

Island Master Locksmiths does not limit advertising only to trucks. Their website,, is a good example how a well-structured website can be an important tool for generating business.