Locks, keyless

Locks, keyless

Five Codelocks Locks Earn UL Fire-Rated Certification

May 10, 2022
Codelocks CL610/5, CL5210, CL5510 and CL5550 locks can be used on any fire-rated opening without negatively affecting the door’s fire certification.

LockState LS-DB500

July 13, 2012
With six user codes and lit keypad for easy viewing in the dark, the Electronic Keypad Keyless Single Cylinder Deadbolt is a great lock for family use or in a small office. One...
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LockState LS-1500

July 12, 2012
Electronic Heavy Duty lock with the capability to store up to 800 permanent user codes. Heavy duty weather-proof finish is ideal for outdoor and commercial applications. When ...
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Electronics & Access Control

'Green' Electronic Lock

Kaba’s E-Plex® 2000 Series with PowerStar™ technology is the new generation of stand-alone self-powered electronic access control that offers users the latest in technology and...
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Entrance & exit control, electrical

LS-2 Software Managed Keypad Access Control

May 3, 2011
The full featured LS-2 series locksets provide large system features for an at-the-door solution. The LS2 series locksets are a perfect choice to manage door access that may otherwise...
Electronics & Access Control

Benefits Of Electromechanical Locks For Controlling Access

April 8, 2011
Controlling access is part of everyday life. People cannot go everywhere and do everything. As a society, we control access in many different ways - physically, mechanically and...