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16. Keypad illuminated

Keyless Entry With the Lockey E910 Series

Feb. 4, 2013
This new residential deadbolt can be opened by user code or a remote fob that can lock or unlock the deadbolt from a "line of site" distance of more than 70 feet.
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Keyless Narrow Stile Locks

Jan. 10, 2013
Replace your existing keyed narrow stile lock with one of five new keyless options from Lockey USA: the 2900 deadbolt, 2950 Hook bolt, 2930, 2945, and 2985 heavy duty latch, knob...

LockState LS-DB500

July 13, 2012
With six user codes and lit keypad for easy viewing in the dark, the Electronic Keypad Keyless Single Cylinder Deadbolt is a great lock for family use or in a small office. One...
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LockState LS-1500

July 12, 2012
Electronic Heavy Duty lock with the capability to store up to 800 permanent user codes. Heavy duty weather-proof finish is ideal for outdoor and commercial applications. When ...
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'Green' Electronic Lock

Kaba’s E-Plex® 2000 Series with PowerStar™ technology is the new generation of stand-alone self-powered electronic access control that offers users the latest in technology and...