Is The End of the Mechanical Key Near?

April 1, 2015

Is this the beginning of an effort to eliminate the mechanical key from the people's lives? Replacing the key with a smartphone.

Schlage Lock Company introduced the Schlage Touch entry and deadbolt, calling it The Keyless Era. "Say goodbye to the hassle of keys and say hello to the Keyless Era". The Touch Locks are pickproof and bump proof, containing no lock cylinder. The Touch locks are keypad operated, equipped with a 2 year battery life with 9 volt battery backup.

Fuzdesigns is introducing the Noke Padlock that operates with their app, which is paired to a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Smartphone. For emergency access, the patent pending Quick-Click technology allows creation of a custom access (tap) code. Long and short code taps on the shank will open the pre-programmed Noke. The padlock's battery lasts over one year of normal use and can be replaced without the use of any tools. Fuzdesigns Noke U-Lock, a bicycle style lock with built in alarm will be a future introduction.

These products beg the question, has technology reach the level that keyless locks will just operate?

As a result, will the mechanical key be phased out over time for both residential and commercial applications?

Any thought as to when the key for practical purposes will be phased out?

Your thoughts are appreciated.