New Products From CCL

March 31, 2011

CCL has been a manufacturer of specialty lock products since 1882. The company originally featured a quality line of pin tumbler utility locks. Later, the CCL name became synonymous with Sesamee combination padlocks. CCL is now offering several new products. Locksmith Ledger recently reported on their 82010 and 82011 replacement locks for mailboxes. CCL has three more new lock products which can fill many job requirements for locksmiths.

WRC Series Weather Resistant Cam Locks

A line of CCL weather resistant cam locks is now available. To ensure protection against the weather, these WRC series cam locks contain a stainless steel dust shutter and facecap, an internal 'O' ring to resist water penetration and a rubber gasket which fits behind the face of the cam lock for a tight seal against moisture. Two cam lock lengths are available, 5/8" and 7/8". A straight cam and two offset cams are included. The straight cam is 2 3/4" long and can be bent or cut as needed for a specific installation. Two stop plates for either 180-degree or 90-degree rotation are also included. The key is removable at both 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

The WRC series locking system is of special interest. A double-sided key blank is used so users do not have to be concerned with key orientation during insertion. For duplication, an Ilco TM15 / 1623 key blank easily fits into the keyway, but the Ilco blank is too short to operate the last tumbler at the tip of the key. Currently the best suggestion when duplicating keys is to align the original CCL key and the Ilco 1623 blank by their tips and then trim the 1623 shoulders back as part of the duplication process.

Key codes are not stamped on the lock housings. Cut spacing is: 157-256-354-453-551. Cut depths are: 1) 278 2)250 3)222.

39000 Series Dial Combination Camlocks

Also new from CCL is the 39000 series dial combination camlocks, available in 3/4", 15/16" and 1 7/32" lengths. Two cams are included in 1/2" and 1 1/4" lengths. A 90- degree stop plate is also included. The combination cam lock can be locked in either of the 90-degree stop points.

The three-dial camlocks are factory-set to '000' but owners can easily change the combination to any of 1000 possible combinations. A hole on the side of the facecap provides access to an inner combination reset button. The lock must be set to the existing combination before proceeding. To change the combination:

1. Rotate the facecap to align the outer hole with the reset button

2. Use a suitable probe such as a paper clip to depress the reset button

3. Hold the probe in a depressed position while rotating the wheels to the new combination.

4. Release the probe and the new combination is set

In situations where an owner may not want users to change the combination, the facecap can be turned 180 degrees before installing the stop plate. Since the stop plate only allows 90-degree rotation, the hole in the facecap cannot be rotated far enough to align with the reset button.

Front-Faced, Resettable Sesamee Padlocks

A third new product is an addition to the Sesamee padlock line. The familiar CCL Sesamee padlocks have always been made with the combination wheels facing the bottom of the lock case. Those Sesamee popular padlocks will continue to be made, but an additional line of front-faced, resettable Sesamee padlocks is now available. The front facing wheels make it easier for users to operate. Front-faced Sesamee padlocks are available in black, brass or chrome and with vertical shackle clearances of either 1" or 2 19/32" dimensions. Heel and toe locking is featured.

The four wheel 2600 series allows the user to easily set the combination to any of 10,000 numbers. Combination changes can be accomplished without requiring any type of change tool. After dialing the correct combination, open and rotate the shackle 180 degrees. Push inward on the shackle to set the wheels into a neutral position. Dial in the new combination, then pull outward on the shackle and the new combination is set.  

Watch for several other new CCL products such as super security Sesamee locks, SearchAlert padlocks to meet TSA regulations as well as looped shackle SearchAlert padlocks to secure larger travel cases and golf bags.

For more information on CCL products, consult your local locksmith distributor or call 800-733-8588,