CCL Super-Sizes its Sesamee Padlocks

Dec. 1, 2005
CCL's Super Sesamee offers the benefits of a solid steel padlock.

CCL Security Products has introduced the Super Sesamee™ Padlock, a Sesamee four-wheel combination padlock mechanism built into a hardened steel jacket. The jacket is electroplated black to resist weather. The Super Sesamee Padlock weighs more than one pound, having a body dimension of 2.5" wide, 2.25" tall, and 1.375" thick. This padlock is equipped with 7/16" diameter, chrome plated, hardened molybdenum shackle secured with double-sided locking. According to the manufacturer, the Super Sesamee Padlock has shackle pull strength of 2,750 pounds.

The CCL Super Sesamee padlocks are available in three configurations: a 1" inside clearance shackle, a 2" inside clearance shackle and a shrouded shackle having sufficient clearance for a hasp or eyes.

The Super Sesamee Padlocks are equipped with a four-dial, brass Sesamee combination lock mechanism having keyless operation. Each of the four dials contains numbers 0-9, providing 10,000 different usable combinations.

Dialing the four-number combination is turning each of the wheels to the correct number. The Super Sesamee Padlocks dials have been designed to automatically stop at "0" when turned in descending direction. This can make dialing the combination easier in poor lighting or darkness. Start by turning each of the four dials to "0". Then, turn one dial at a time in the ascending direction, counting the clicks until you reach your combination.

To unlock and release the shackle, the four dials must each be aligned at their respective numbers. The numbers can be correctly read in only one position if the combination is other than 0-0-0-0. Once the dials have been turned to the combination, the spring-loaded shackle must be pushed against the body of the padlock in order to be released. This way, the Super Sesamee Padlocks cannot be dialed open, as a second operation is required in order to release the shackle.

The factory default combination is 0-0-0-0. To unlock the shackle, turn each dial of the Super Sesamee Padlock to "0". Once the four dials are set, depress shackle, release and the shackle will spring open.


Step 1. Turn each dial to the combination.

Step 2. Push down on the shackle to release.

Step 3. Turn the shackle to provide access to the shackle leg hole.

Step 4. Slide the included change pin into the open shackle leg hole as deep as possible. It may be necessary to rotate the change pin in order for it to slide in as far as necessary.

The hoop portion of the change pin should almost touch the top of the lock.

Step 5. While the pin is fully inserted, set the dials to the new combination.

Step 6. When the dials are set to the new combination, pull the change pin completely out of the padlock.

Step 7. Close the shackle by turning the shackle leg over the hole and press the shackle into the locked position. The shackle should not lock, and spring out of the jacket. If the shackle does not lock, the combination has been reset.

If the shackle locks, the previous combination is still the combination. To change the combination, dial the previous combination and release the shackle. Repeat steps two through seven. Once the shackle will not lock, the padlock is set to the new combination.

To lock, turn one or more of the dials in order to scramble the numbers. Any four numbers other than the combination will lock. Then depress the shackle. IMPORTANT: When relocking the padlock, turn all four of the dials to minimize the possibility of manipulation.

CCL Security Products recommends occasionally lubricating the Super Sesamee Padlocks with a non-petroleum based lubricant.

Super Sesamee Padlocks have a limited lifetime warranty. Manufacturer's note: Forgetting the combination is not a lock defect.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or CCL Security Products, 301 West Hintz Road, Wheeling, IL 60090. Telephone: 800-733-8588. Fax: 847-537-1881. Web site