CCL Offers Versatile New Mailbox Locks

Jan. 12, 2011

CCL has been known for years for their quality line of pin tumbler utility locks. Although they make almost every type of pin tumbler cam lock and desk lock, a pin tumbler mailbox lock was never in their line.

The United States Postal Service set new regulations for mailbox construction in 1976. For the last 35 years, mailbox locks were required to fit into a double-"D" opening. Mailbox manufacturers standardized on a lock with pin tumbler security. The general size and shape of the mailbox lock cylinder are similar, but each mailbox manufacturer unfortunately chose different sizes and shapes for their cams according to their door and frame construction.

Mailbox keys can be lost, locks can malfunction and mailbox pilferage happens. With hundreds of thousands of mailbox units in use across the nation, this can add up to hundreds of mailbox lock replacements needed each week.

One problem for locksmiths has been what mailbox locks to stock in order to be prepared with the exact mailbox lock for replacement. CCL now makes stocking much easier with their new MBL82010 mailbox replacement lock. Five assorted cams are included in each clear plastic package. A unique chart on the back of each package shows drawings of the correct cam to use for various major manufacturers of mailbox units. The required cam can be easily installed on the rear of the lock plug using the furnished cam screw and lock washer.

CCL also furnishes a mounting clip plus a mounting nut in each package. Two mounting clip slot locations are machined into the lock housing. The double clip slots allow quick mounting of the CCL mailbox lock regardless of the thickness of the door material. In the few cases where the mounting clip slots cannot be used, the furnished mounting nut can be used to fasten the mailbox lock into position.

CCL locks use a recognized keyway. Two keys are furnished with each MBL82010 mailbox lock. Extra keys can be duplicated using Ilco 1069LB, Jet NA12, JMA NTR-2D or equivalent aftermarket key blanks.  The key code series is MB500-MB599. Key codes are stamped on the original keys, but not on the lock cylinders.       

For further information on CCL products, contact your local locksmith distributor or CCL, telephone 800-733-8588, web site        ?