Kia - Hyundai Lock Facts

Dec. 2, 2011

When it comes to an interesting vehicle line for keeping up with key blanks and code series, the Korean-made Hyundai and Kia car models are hard to beat.  Lock series and key blanks often seem to be changed when supplies run out instead of at the end of a model year. Many car companies now introduce new models in mid-year. This is good for generating customer excitement, but it makes it very difficult to catalog exact code series usage according to a model year. 

In the case of Hyundai and Kia, large groups of invoices have often been pre-printed with the beginning code letters, so only the individual key code numbers have to be inserted during manufacture.  Old invoices continued to be used as running changes to new keys and code series occurred and the result is invoices with the wrong code prefix letter linked with the right code number. As example, doubles-sided keys using the "V" prefix often have the older "Y" prefix on the invoice.

One locksmith reported that his local Hyundai dealer never tries to originate keys by code. The dealer sends the key code, year and model information back to Hyundai and lets Hyundai originate the key. The best solution when cutting keys by code for older Hyundai or Kia models which use double-sided keys is to try a blank in the lock cylinder before cutting a key.

Even if a correct letter is shown on the invoice, some information may still be missing. When double letter key codes are used such as 'KG,' the key tag will contain both letters, while the invoice may only contain one letter. It has been found that either KG or G are the same G series and KE, HK, E or K prefixes are the same K series.    

According to Hyundai & Kia, beginning VIN information may designate the model and year. Some examples are; JB/Rio, MG/Optima, AM/Soul, HM/Borrego, TD/Forte, UN/Rondo, KM/Sportage, VQ/Sedona, LM/Tucson, YF/Sonata, MC/Accent, FD/Elantra Touring, SL/2012 Sportage, TG/Azera, C/Santa Fe, D/Elantra & V/Entourage.  At least one manufacturer has stamped some of their aftermarket key blanks with corresponding information.  

The following list shows the most current available listing of popular Hyundai/Kia code series and key blanks by year and model.  Model names and key blanks reflect usage in USA. Hyundai/Kia cars sold in Canada may have different model names and key blanks. Canadian vehicles require transponder key systems. Ilco key blank number are shown, but other aftermarket suppliers such as Bianchi, JET, JMA and Strattec may also have some of these keys available in their lines.