May 1, 2008

The following chart is a listing of the 2008 and early introduction 2009 model cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles. Vehicles are continually being introducing during the year, and this is the most current listing available. I have compiled what I consider to be mainstream vehicle models listed from the more than 25 major car manufacturers. Almost every vehicle in this list is equipped with an anti-theft system.  

Click here to download the chart as a 10-page pdf file.

The key blank numbers in this chart have been provided by Ilco, Barnes, Jet, STRATTEC, A 1 Security Manufacturing, Bianchi and HATA. Each company has provided information regarding their key blank numbers and the application/year. For vehicles to have a “Dealer Item Only” key blank is when no key is available through the aftermarket. With the introduction of the Texas Instrument encrypted clonable keys, there has been a significant increase in the number of clonable transponder keys. Before each model, there will be a “•” if there is a clonable transponder key blank available. Not every key blank producer will have a clonable key blank for each model listed. There are two types of clonable transponder key blanks; a standard rewrite transponder chip and an electric key that makes use of a battery powered circuit board. The key blanks listed by the vendors will be the conventional, non-button read only transponder, read/write (clonable) transponder or the Emergency Transponder Start Key, even if the key is available as remote head key, integrated key or a fob style. For example, the Chrysler key blank number for a remote head key will be the tan transponder key. For a Chrysler Fobik remote key, the number will be the Emergency Transponder Start Key where available. If a vendor does not have the conventional, read-only, non-button transponder key available, I will include a clonable key blank where available. Clonable transponder equipped key blanks are available un-programmed or pre-programmed with a value. The Bianchi (RWE/RWE2) and Ilco (EK) electronic keys do not have pre-set values. A number of them 2008/2009 vehicles are being equipped with keyless unlock/lock and start. This is available in different formats; a proximity type remote key that does not require insertion or rotation to operate the ignition, or a non-key blade remote that is inserted into an ignition opening and rotated to start. Where possible, metal head key blank numbers are used for non-transponder equipped vehicles. Where there is no metal head key blanks, I will substitute plastic head key blank numbers where available. A footnote will describe the remote equipped key blanks, the number of buttons and from whom they are available. Please note: This list is a work in progress, as we have not been able to examine every model vehicle with every manufacturer’s key blank. We apologize for any error or omissions to this list.