RCI F2164: One Strike for Any Job

July 2, 2012
This fire rated offset and centerline electric strike provides all the necessary components to complete the installation, accommodating most cylindrical lock and mortise lock applications.

The Rutherford Controls (RCI) F2164 is a fire-rated electric strike for offset and centerline latches. This 1500 pound holding force electric strike with stainless steel construction meets ANSI/BHMA 156.31. In the Fail Secure mode, the F2164 electric strike meets UL 10C, (3-hour fire rating). The F2164 is UL 1034 burglary resistant listed and is factory tested to exceed two million cycles of operation.

The RCI F2164 is an "all-in-one" electric strike, designed to operate within an ANSI/ASA 1-1/4" (W) by 4-7/8" (L) modified strike opening, when installed into a hollow metal, aluminum or wooden jamb.

The F2164 electric strike pocket is approximately 3-1/8" long, large enough to accommodate cylindrical locks with centerline latches - and most mortise locks with a latch and auxiliary deadlatch. It also accommodates mortise locks with a latch, auxiliary deadlatch and deadbolt, (night latch function) configuration. Most mortise locks are equipped with an offset deadlatch mechanism. For example, Sargent mortise locks equipped with a deadlatch, auxiliary deadlatch and deadbolt fit into a strike opening of approximately 2-1/2" long and slightly less than 1" wide.

The F2164 electric strike includes two faceplates. One faceplate has a 1-1/2" centerline standard latch opening, accommodating fire-rated cylindrical locks with up to ¾” latch projection. The larger opening faceplate is for mortise locks equipped with an offset latch and auxiliary deadlatch, and mortise locks equipped with a latch, auxiliary deadlatch and deadbolt.

To accommodate most mortise lock latch and bolt configurations, the RCI F2164 has an adjustable auxiliary deadlatch ramp, adjustable deadbolt plug and adjustable deadbolt keeper. The deadlatch ramp is mounted into the strike pocket, and aligned with the auxiliary deadlatch. As the door is closed, the auxiliary deadlatch retracts against the ramp face, preventing the latch from being manipulated in order to unlock the door lock on an out-swinging door.

Note: The deadlatch ramp should be installed when the electric strike is configured for a cylindrical lock. By locating the ramp along the bottom of the strike pocket, it acts a keeper stop.

When used with a mortise lock equipped with a deadbolt, an adjustable deadbolt keeper can be installed to prevent the door from being opened when the deadbolt is extended. The deadbolt plug is mounted into the strike pocket when the mortise lock is not equipped with a deadbolt. These components are positioned within the strike pocket to accommodate different configurations of the mortise lock latches and deadbolts.

RCI’s unique “Saw-Tooth Adjustment Locator” design  accurately locates and maintains the positioning of the deadbolt keeper, plug and deadlatch ramp. Each component is located and secured by the Saw-tooth locators. Once in position, the components are press-fit engaging the teeth on each side and keeping the components in place.

To ensure proper closing and latching of the door lock, this electric strike incorporates a “Sliding Shim” design for horizontal adjustment on misaligned doorjambs. Two shim sizes are included (one for 1/16" adjustment - and one for 1/8").

If the door requires monitoring, the F2164 electric strike comes pre-wired and configured for an optional “plug-in” latch monitor. The F2LM latch bolt monitor switch can be installed in the field.

The RCI F2164 electric strike can be powered using 12 or 24 volts AC or DC. To choose the voltage, the electric strike comes with two wire harnesses, one for 12VDC or 12-24VAC and the second for 24VDC applications. Power consumption for the Fail Secure mode of operation is 0.19A @ 24VDC, according to RCI.

To help ensure a professional looking installation, the RCI F2164 comes with a trim plate that is installed around the electric strike and the face of the jamb when the cutout is bigger than required.

The Rutherford Controls F2164 Fire Rated Offset and Centerline Electric Strike provides all the necessary components to complete the installation, accommodating most cylindrical lock and mortise lock applications.

Special Note: Before installing any fire-rated product on a fire labeled opening, consult the local authority having jurisdiction, (LAHJ).

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or call Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp., telephone 800-265-6630 or 519-621-7651. Web site: www.rutherfordcontrols.com.

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Chad Allison is the marketing manager at Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp.