March 2023

Photo 1. Metal door ready for installation, tools on cart.
Electronics & Access Control

Installation: Schlage AD-Series Lock

May 8, 2023
The Schlage AD-Series locks. This is a multi-card and PIN technology lock that also uses Wi-Fi and NFC credentials and readers. It’s a wireless lock. This lock is a great option...
Photo courtesy of Allegion
Multifamily includes apartment entrances off a common hallway.
Door Hardware

Five Code Considerations for Multifamily Residential Buildings

Door openings play an important role in the safety of buildings, and multifamily residential buildings are no exception. Egress doors facilitate evacuation during an emergency...
Ken Chew, Action Safe & Lock

Success Story: Action Safe & Lock

March 23, 2023
Action Safe & Lock in Bristol, Pennsylvania, is an example of a family-owned lock shop that has been serving its customers for 60 years. Locksmith Ledger interviewed owners Ken...
Cylindrical indicator lock installed. Green padlock icon means the room is open, not occupied.
Locks, cylindrical

Occupied! Cylindrical Indicator Lock Debuts

March 20, 2023
Cylindrical locks have long been a staple for commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities and even some residential applications, used primarily on interior doors. But...
Photo 1. PAC-BLU Bluetooth access control system. Note that the reader is inside of the door.
Electronics & Access Control

Installing the PAC-BLU Access Control System

March 15, 2023
The PAC-BLU access control system is a Bluetooth-operated security system that is managed through a smartphone app. The reading module is mounted inside the secure location. Because...

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Photo 1: The Ford 8-cut Push Key system (P/N PKFD01) from Framon Manufacturing Co.
Automotive tools

Testing the Push Key Decoder

March 10, 2023
New technique decodes Ford 8-cut door and trunk locks
Inside office door application, wireless deadlatch with reader and trim
Electronics & Access Control

Upgrades for Every Opening

March 10, 2023
Wherever possible and practical, it makes sense to migrate your customers to newer door locking solution technologies. Not only does this approach boost security and safety, but...
dormakaba Saffire LX-I
Electronics & Access Control

Demand for Multifamily Security Solutions Growing

March 6, 2023
Residential multifamily is a growing category and these diverse structures represent an excellent opportunity for locksmiths. Key systems, parking control, life safety, security...
SimpleK screenshot
Business & Technical Aids

Software For Today’s Locksmith

As the importance of data has increased, the options to help you to run your shop have improved.
Green products got a lot of buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show
Locks, smart

Tech Tips: Home Energy Harvesting

March 4, 2023
Energy harvesting has long been a utopian goal of the smart home. A quick Google search will reveal IEEE studies dating back to the mid-2010s touting solar cells and thermoelectric...
SDC 1512 maglock

Back Page, March 2023

March 3, 2023
10 Years AgoSchool security was the cover focus for March 2013, and Jerry Levine wrote about global school lockdown options with networked locks. Ingersoll Rand (now Allegion)...
RemoteLock options
Locks, smart

Smart Locks Make the Grade in Challenging Environments

March 2, 2023
As smart locks continue to proliferate in both professional and private spaces, questions often arise about which smart locks can withstand extreme precipitation, heat or cold...
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News, March 2023

March 2, 2023
Codelocks Alliance with D&D TechnologiesCodelocks Inc., a leading access control company that designs and distributes innovative, standalone keyless door locks and access solutions...

March Madness ...

March 2, 2023
NCAA basketball reference aside, the month of March is heating up here at Locksmith Ledger, although as I write this, temperatures are dipping below zero in the Northeast (brrrrr...
Yale multifamily schematic

How to Win Multifamily Customers

March 2, 2023
How big is this market? What do they need? How do I sell?
Inception Image Top
Electronics & Access Control

Inception from Inter Range

Feb. 3, 2023
Try Inner Range's innovative approach to access control and intrusion with Inception. Inception is designed to be the most user-friendly access control product on the market. ...

TownSteel e-Genius Interconnected Lock

Feb. 3, 2023
What is BetterConnected? TownSteel’s e-Genius Interconnected Lock provides the ability to lock and unlock both latch bolt and deadbolt with ease. Holding the only ANSI/BHMA A156...
E 941 Sb 1200 220622 1440x1440
Locks, magnetic, electrical

Seco-Larm E-941SB-1200 Maglock

Jan. 20, 2023
New 1,200-pound maglock has detachable faceplate for easy access to wiring.
Masonite M Pwr Front Door Hero
Doors, Replacement

Masonite Introduces M-Pwr Smart Doors

These powered and connected residential front doors incorporate Ring doorbell cameras and Yale Home smart locks.
Locks, smart

GFS E-Lock Evo

Nov. 9, 2022
GFS Design has released its new digital lock for glass doors, the E-Lock Evo (product number E06E51000).The E-Lock Evo has many interesting features.You can lock and unlock the...