CCL i-Lock® Electronic Cabinet Locks

May 19, 2016

CCL Security Products® introduces the i-Lock® Electronic Cabinet Lock Series. Ideal for new installations and retrofits alike, Models e901, e902, and e903 are all battery operated with the following features and benefits per model:


  • 4-button electronic lock with simple touchscreen entry
  • Use on metal and wood doors with thickness of 0.6mm-22mm
  • Low power consumption with 1 year battery life powered by single button cell
  • Made from UV protected ABS material
  • 1 to 8 digit PI N code with 87,380 possible codes
  • Standard single use mode or one time use mode (factory programmed)
  • Audible alarm when incorrect code is entered 4 times
  • Audible low battery warning when 200 cycles remain
  • Standard Use – Enter a user code and it remains until re-set
  • One time use – Enter a user code to lock and unlock only once
  • Works in any application that has a standard keyed cam lock


  • 10-button electronic lock with simple touchscreen entry
  • 1 to 15-digit user defined code
  • Clutch Knob
  • Two Versions:
 Standard use and one-time use
  • Button cell battery with up to one year life (CR2032)
  • Optional battery pack
  • Audible alarm when incorrect code is entered 4 times
  • Low power alarm – Audible signal sounds when 300 cycles remain


  • Advanced Electronic Cam Lock
  • Mechanical lock override with magnetic cover plate
  • Easily programmable codes: 1 master code, 1 sub-master code and 30 user codes
  • Can be used on applications up to 3/4" thick
  • 4- to 6-digit user defined code Standard use, single use (locker mode)
  • Two operation modes available:
  • 15,000 operations with 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Housing: Zinc diecast with blackpowder coat

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