Tech Tips: New Padlock Technologies

Nov. 4, 2019
One of the oldest locking mechanisms gets a futuristic makeover

When you consider that locksmithing has been referred to as the world’s second oldest profession, then I suppose that it could be conjectured that the padlock is the world’s second oldest locking device.

Back in the day, the primary security application would be the portal (door) to the castle, and assets not kept in in the castle, such as livestock, would follow a close second and would be stored in outdoor enclosure or outbuilding (barn).

There always has been a demand for strategically deployed locking solutions but traditionally padlock sales was not that lucrative for the locksmith because those transactions began and ended when the customer left your showroom with the padlock. You’re not likely to be called out on service call to rekey a padlock.

New technologies now allow far more comprehensive security management for applications where conditions are not suited for traditional mechanical locking solutions, meaning another revenue stream for locksmiths.

The challenges presented by strategic deployment include:

  • The site conditions (weather)
  • Vulnerability to vandalism
  • The availability of power
  • The opening to which the lock must be fitted
  • The availability of communications services such as Wi-Fi or cellular.

Wirefree standalones and padlocks overcome these challenges to a great extent by:

  • Being designed for harsh environments;
  • Providing extended service from batteries (which often can be recharged);
  • Coming in a variety of configurations to adopt to any door or gate; and
  • Utilizing new communications technologies such as Bluetooth and being managed by cloud software and used with handheld smartphones and credentials.

eGeeTouch Smart Lock

The eGeeTouch Smart Lock is a compact, robust and attractive padlock that can be opened by any of the following methods:  smartphone app, NFC smart fob, Bluetooth smart watch, NFC smart card or NFC tag sticker.

It is supplied with a preprogrammed fob to expedite initial setup since the lock will open with the fob without any programming required to launch.

The instructions advised charging the lock prior to programming or deployment, even if it was unlocking with the fob and not exhibiting a low battery warning. Charging is with a USB/mini-USB cable (not supplied).

You need to pry open the weatherproof rubber flap from the bottom of the lock to expose the charging port at the base of the padlock, then connect the cable to the lock and to a USB port on a laptop, desktop, or a transformer like you would use for charging your phone. It doesn’t take too long to charge the lock and the lock provides a signal to let you know it is charged.

A fully charged lock will operate for an extended period of time before requiring a recharge.

The app download is straightforward, and configuring the software is straightforward. Your phone will prompt you through the process.

In order to unlock the padlock, you must first press the shackle down into the padlock body until you see the LED in the clock blink green, then you present a fob.

You can also use your phone by running the app and performing the simple steps.

There are several settings you can program to the lock. For example, you can set the padlock relock time. When done gaining access, you return the shackle into the padlock and push it down to lock.

The eGeeTouch 3rd Generation Smart Padlock is weatherproof against rain, snow & corrosion with IP rating of 45. Operating Temperature range from -40F to +1400F (-200C to +600C) and storage temperature ranging from -220F to +1580F (-300C to +700C).

In addition to the rubber cap at the shackle that prevents water from seeping into the smart padlock. The electronics have a waterproof coating to protect the device and ensure optimal performance.

According to the company, the eGeeTouch 3rd Generation Smart Padlock uses higher quality and better performance polymer type rechargeable battery and optimized through our proprietary software system to enable 3rd Gen smart padlock to last for 7000 Lock/unlock cycles per-full charge with at least 3,000 recharging cycles or over 2 years of battery life based on 3 times locking/unlocking per day usage.

Universal USB port allows for convenient supply of back-up power to unlock in case the battery is total flat while charging up the battery at the same time.

Additional Features:

  • Downloadable App
  • No Key
  • Shared Access @ Audit Trails
  • Remotely Grant Permanent Or Timed Access Privileges
  • Trace Unlocking History Of Lock Who When And Where
  • Multiple Users Per Lock

Commercial, Industrial and/or Government applications require large number of locks and access users per lock, the Web-based "Intelligent Access Management Software" is specifically developed to enable an administrator to assign, set, track, remove users from remote location on those smart locks. An administrator may remotely give Permanent or Timed Access via this web-based or commercial version of eGeeTouch Manager App while tracing historical unlocking record on WHO, WHEN & WHERE access made.

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