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June 3, 2011
10 And 20 Years Ago


Safe products were the topic of the June 1991 issue. Ilco-Unican reported on their P40 safe deposit lock. Jerry Levine debunked the rumor about an eight-hour time delay for VATS interrogating. Jerry also asked the burning question: Where is Miles Osborne? Milt Wolferseder drilled open an Asian-made Schwab safe. John Hermann examined the Swingbolt safe lock by LaGard. John Grist interviewed the icon Harry C. Miller about his career in the lock industry. Jerry Levine also installed an SDC Hi/Shear Emlock. Don Jenson, Hayman Safe, explained how to ask the right questions when selling a safe. Jeffrey Sitar studied the bolt cam mechanism on Meilink safes. Assa sponsored a high security lock challenge at the 1991 ALOA convention. Who won the contest? Locksmith Ledger also carried an article on a Mosler fire safe.


Specialty locks were the subject of our June, 2001 issue. W-Lok featured a new LoopLok with a combined lock and cable system. Where are they now? The Abloy lockable knob mortise cylinder was the subject of an article by Gale Johnson. Gale also wrote a technical article about Timberline locks. Olympus introduced a combination cabinet lock and door pull unit. Several new products from Master were shown including a steering wheel lock, 2050 combination lock and the 185/187 series padlock with shielded shackle. Jerry Levine helped install an electrified Marray exit device on an aluminum door. Gale Johnson reported on a new Toyota lock system which used the TR47 key blank. Cut spacing is always a problem. Dick Zunkel explained what 'balanced' doors are. Wedgco showed their new key extractor kit. John Grist introduced us to several neat tools used for electronic lock installations. Tiny took apart the locks on a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero. Lori Jo Smith was featured as a 'woman in locksmithing.'  Dave Franchuk provided hints on the safe 'KISS' system. (Know the Inside Structure of the Safe).          


A subscriber sent in an interesting old unit lock. Their customer needed keys made and also wanted to know if the locksmith could tell him any other information about the lockset. The keyway is an Ilco 1012 which is an old Russwin keyway probably dating the lock back about 100 years to the early 1900s. Another interesting feature is the lettering cast into the outer knob. The lock obviously must have been one of several locks in a large mansion or commercial building. If any of our readers have any further information about this interesting hardware item, please forward the information to Locksmith Ledger.