YesNOKeys Offers Keyless Ignition Switch for UTVs and ATVs

June 5, 2014
Replace the default factory ignition switch with yesNOkeys to deliver push-to-start keyless ignition technology for outdoor vehicles

CINCINNATI, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Push the button, bring the RFID tag close proximity of the yesNOkeys switch, push the button again to start the engine. Yes! It's that easy! No extra holes to drill and no programming required. In addition, it is secure. Just replace the default factory ignition switch with yesNOkeys keyless ignition switch to reduce the hassle of dealing with traditional keys.

Many of today's new automobiles come with push to start keyless ignition as a standard feature. Consumers have become accustomed to this feature and enjoying the convenience it offers. However, the off-road vehicles, especially the ones that are not street legal, do not offer this amenity. Engine and suspension performance have been improved for the growing segment of outdoor side by side utility vehicles such as the Polaris Ranger and the high performance Polaris RZR, but development of comfort features for these vehicles have not kept pace with the automotive industry. Cincinnati based APSX, LLC fills this gap with its newest product, yesNOkeys. APSX, LLC stands behind this product with a lifetime replacement warranty.

yesNOkeys comes with two RFID tags, an activation card and a deactivation card. The system uses RFID technology to securely assign an RFID tag located in a wristband or a key fob to a specific vehicle. In addition, a single RFID tag can be assigned to multiple vehicles in the case of a fleet or a small group of vehicles. The yesNOkeys "key management" feature removes the pain of dealing with missing keys. With traditional keys, a lost or stolen key requires either a trip to the dealership to purchase a new one or to a locksmith to have a "copy" made. Both options require time and money. But with the yesNOkeys system, the user has the power to create (activate) a blank RFID tag by using the activation card whenever needed. If there is ever a concern with the tags for any reason, simply use the deactivation card to erase all tags. The tags can easily be re-activated for future use. This option is vital for both the residential owner of a single unit as well as the fleet owner such as a golf course with multiple golf carts or a farm with several utility vehicles.

yesNOkeys applications include boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, rat rods and dune buggies just to name a few. As long as the ignition system operates on 12V DC power, the possibilities are endless.

Since 2006, APSX, LLC. (Advanced Productivity Solutions) has been providing hobbyists, researchers, corporations, integrators and developers electronics devices with an excellent track record in durability and reliability. APSX, LLC. also provides product design and solution services in RF, RFID, GPS/GPRS, automotive parts, electric motors and other electronics.

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