Going Beyond Pool Safety: Improved Access Control

May 10, 2024
Smart, coded, weather-resistant locks save time, money and hassles for homeowners and facilities managers.

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) estimates there are 10.4 million private pools and 309,000 public and community swimming pools in the United States. To maintain proper safety for each of these pools or the larger premises they’re located in, access control solutions are required.

But simply maintaining safety is now seen as the bare minimum, and customers are looking for solutions that go beyond simply controlling access.

From homes to colleges, and community pools to coastal water sports facilities, access control solutions are called on to improve swimmers’ experiences. They need to save customers time, money, and effort, and make pool owners’ lives easier.

Fortunately, Codelocks’ locks, many of which are built for outdoor environments and fenced perimeters, can provide these additional levels of convenient access control.

Eliminating Keys

Community pools attract a large number of visitors, especially during the hotter summer months, as do docks and water sports centers, or other locations catering to water-based activities. Providing access for different people, at different times, can be a time-intensive task for facilities managers.

Using a coded, keyless lock is a simple solution that allows multiple people to effortlessly access the pool at different times. Code access provides flexible and convenient access for pool visitors who don’t need to worry about looking after keys that can be lost, or stolen, and which cost money to replace. Codes can be easily changed too, and many locks have key override functions to allow leisure facilities managers immediate access in case of a lost or forgotten code.

In addition, keyless locks can provide added flexibility and convenience. For example, colleges and some high schools often have several pools both indoors and outdoors, as well as changing rooms and equipment storage, where managing access is also required. In these cases, locks with centralized control for pool managers are an ideal solution. Codelocks has a range of locks that offer customers advanced programming, temporary time-sensitive access or four code access methods. They are standalone, can be used throughout a pool facility and attached to standard doors or gates. Pool managers can give swimmers pool access through their cell phones or an RFID card, or they can use Codelocks’ NetCode technology to generate temporary access codes that expire after they are used or after set durations.


Finishes do more than just look good

Many locks can’t withstand the varied weather conditions that outdoor installations require, which leads to compromised functionality and access control. The corrosive effects of salt or chemicals can lead to buttons and handles seizing up, or they may fail to lock altogether – costing customers time and money to replace them.

Preventing corrosion is where a lock’s finish goes beyond esthetics. Some lock finishes are designed to protect locks from waterside applications to make them resistant to moisture and salt spray. The Marine by Codelocks finish is a durable black finish that helps to prevent damage by corrosion and has undergone rigorous moisture and salt spray testing of up to 1,000 hours. By using a finish like this, customers can ensure reliable access to their pools and not worry about the cost of replacing them after limited usage.

For gated high-traffic pool areas, hygiene is also a priority. The spread of germs and viruses is something everyone is now more aware of, and any lock finish that can enhance protection against viruses, bacteria, germs, and other environmental toxins is a benefit to customers. Using a ‘photocatalytic’ coating, Clean by Codelocks, automatically converts harmful bacteria and germs into a non-toxic compound when exposed to light, giving customers a clean and hygienic lock.


Sharing and caring for home pools made easier

The same features used for larger facilities translate to private, residential pools, too. By using a coded lock, homeowners can easily access their pool at a push of a button or with their phone. Sharing access is simple, as homeowners can give friends, family, or the pool cleaner their own access code. Thanks to the hygienic and weatherproof finishes, homeowners don’t need to worry about germs, and they can rely on their locks to withstand outdoor conditions.

Managing access control at personal and shared pools is made easier by using keyless, smart, heavy-duty coded locks built for doors and gates. Offering comprehensive kits for gate and fence installations, Gate Solutions by Codelocks provides a simple and effective access control solution for fenced perimeters and outdoor spaces. Available with selected locks from the Codelocks Mechanical, Electronic and Smart Lock ranges.

More info: www.codelocks.us/gatesolutions