CompX Meets Healthcare Needs

Feb. 1, 2017
The keyless CompX eLock eliminates manual temperature logging, prevents human error and automatically records temperature at programmed intervals. All data history is archived and easily accessible.

Health care facilities are scrambling to meet federal, state and local safety requirements. Many of these rules require both drugs and patient records to be secured against unauthorized access.  CompX offers several electronic lock solutions which meet the new safety regulations.  

In many cases, food and drugs must be refrigerated. CompX makes a surface mounted eLock Horizontal Mount Refrigerator Kit.  A vertical mount is also available.

Some refrigerators have the cooling coils mounted close to the outside surface of the cabinet.  This writer can remember a job in which holes were drilled through the face of a refrigerator. First drill a very small hole just through the refrigerator cabinet facia and then insert a thin wire into the hole to probe for any solid objects directly in the path to be used for a retaining screw.

CompX refrigerator locks are battery operated and have a gear-driven motor which operates a spring bolt.  The strike plate is mounted on the refrigerator frame and the lock is mounted on the hinged door. The spring bolt is retracted by the strike and automatically relocks as the door is completely closed. 

eLock technology can be controlled by keypad, magnetic stripe, proximity, or a combination of keypad and card.  Programming can be accomplished in two ways.  Supervisor/user codes can be added by using the keypad or presenting a card.  An alternative is to program the eLock using optional CompX LockView software.

Keypads have buttons marked 0 through 9, green and red LED buttons plus asterisk (*) and pound (#) keys. When a user or supervisor code is accepted, the green LED is lighted, the latch retracts and a beep noise is sounded.  If a user or supervisor code is not accepted, the red LED is lighted along with a beep noise indicator.

Non-keypad equipped eLock models can be programed with CompX "Lockview"  Windows -based software. Connection is via a USB port on the eLock.  eLock refrigerator locks can be programmed for date, time and audit functions. Lockview simplifies adding and deleting user codes and assigning user and supervisor rights.  Lockview software can access an audit log of the last 1500 usages and whether access was gained or denied. If an eLock is equipped with a temperature reader, Lockview software can also display a log of temperatures.

New CompX eLocks do not contain Supervisor or user codes and must be programmed into the unit  before initial usage. Available eLock settings include programming the Supervisor PIN or card, adding a User code, deleting a User code, adding a Supervisor code and deleting a User or Supervisor PIN.  Additional functions such as date, time and audit trail capability can only be programmed when using the LockView software.

For information on CompX eLock or other CompX keyless cabinet lock products contact your local locksmith distributor or:, 864-297-6655.