Utility Locks and Camlocks Take a Beating and Keep On Locking

Oct. 3, 2016
Tough new Padlocks and camlocks are designed to stand up to harsh weather and other attacks.

Mechanical lock products remained a hot item at the recent ALOA convention. Almost every booth displayed either locks made by manufacturers new to our industry or displayed exciting new products introduced by well-known manufacturers.  The following examples are just a few of the many new utility-type products we found.

Master Lock Company

New Magnum padlocks were introduced by Master Lock. Commercial Magnum is designed with security and weatherability enhancements for facility and business applications. The octagonal, chrome-plated boron-carbide shackle is 50 percent stronger than hardened steel. The stainless steel body cover with stainless steel top and bottom plates provides improved weather resistance, with a stronger defense against the elements.

Sheri Hanson, Senior Product Manager for the Master Lock Company, stated that Magnum locks made a big impression on locksmiths who attended the ALOA Expo. "Many people were impressed with the chrome-plated shackle because it offers excellent rust resistance. Others liked the dual-ball bearing locking mechanism for its superior strength and pry resistance. The Commercial Magnum is a great choice for securing items or property in any outdoor, corrosive and caustic environment."

Master Lock provides the opportunity to customize products with made-to-order solutions, including laser engraving and keying flexibility. Commercial Magnum padlocks offer two body sizes ‑ 1 3/4 inches and 2 inches wide, plus three shackle lengths each.  Magnum padlocks can be ordered keyed alike, master keyed and keyed to match any existing 4-pin W1 or Edge Key Control systems.  Edge Key Control is the exclusive key control system that allows customers to maintain control over the duplication of their keys from Master Lock locksmiths only. For more information visit: www.masterlock.com.

Magnetic Cam Lock by Capitol Industries

The Magnetic Cam Lock uses Capitol's patent pending magnetic locking technology which allows the lock to have no keyway.  There is nothing to pick, bump or contaminate, and no batteries or wiring.  With the same dimensions as all standard cam locks and over 1,500 different key codes, it is ideal for just about any cam lock application.

Because the core of the mechanism is sealed inside the lock, it is impervious to all existing lock-picking techniques and withstands harsh weather and environments.

The keys and locks are all identical from the outside, making traditional key duplication or modern photographic and 3d printing duplication impossible.  Additional keys can be built on-site by trained locksmiths, without the need of expensive equipment, by using code and components included in the Magnetic Cam Lock Keying Kit. For more information visit www.capitolindustriesinc.com/magnetic-cam-lock/

FJM Combination Disc Padlock 

FJM Security Products introduces a new product to the already popular FJM Security Combination Padlock line.  The SX-790 heavy duty storage unit disc padlock offers a unique design intended to be resistant to bolt cutters and other intrusive tools. With stainless steel construction, the combination discus lock is rust resistant and ca be used in harsh environments. These disc padlocks have a keyless convenience.  You simply need to enter your combination without the hassle of handling keys. 10,000 possible combinations, along with its intuitive design, makes this storage lock very secure keeping intruders out.

Features include: easy to set four-dial combination, 10,000 possible combinations, stainless steel and rust resistant and shielded shackle designed to resist attacks from bolt cutters. For more information visit: www.fjmsecurity.com/dosc-padlocks.php