New From CCL: Expanded Sesamee Line, Mailbox Locks, Cam Locks

Aug. 2, 2012
Popular Sesamee Line now includes the original resettable padlocks, brass-bodied padlocks which accept SFIC cylinders, heavy duty round-bodied padlocks plus a group of storage security products

If you are looking for excitement in the locksmith industry, CCL is a good company to watch. In the last year CCL has introduced many new products including cam locks, mail box locks, padlocks and several specialty items.


The Sesamee name has been associated with CCL resettable padlocks for years. Sesamee is known by both the locksmith community and the general public. CCL has now expanded the Sesamee line to include the original resettable padlocks, brass-bodied padlocks which accept SFIC cylinders, heavy duty round-bodied padlocks plus a group of storage security products. 

A new 960 series contains a hinged door with a resettable, four dial combination. When the door is opened, the lock interior provides an approximate 2 3/8" X 3 3/8" by 1" deep space for securing keys or other personal items. Sesamee Model 96009 has a hasp which can be securely fastened behind a door knob. Sesamee Model 96008 is a wall-mount model.  A sliding shutter door protects the combination dials against weather and dirt.  CCL suggests many uses for the 960 series such as for children after school or whenever any outsider requires short term access to your property.

Another Sesamee product is the round body hardened steel padlock. Model 936 has a shackle height of 1 1/8" while model 937 has a shackle height of 2". Both models use the 1046/AM3 keyway.  CCL literature states that the padlocks are, "virtually indestructible with hardened, chrome plated solid steel bodies the resist cutting, sawing and corrosion, and hardened boron alloy steel shackles that offer superior cut resistance."  The locks can be easily rekeyed by removing a screw located inside the shackle cavity. After the plug is turned 180 degrees, tumblers can be easily dumped and replaced through holes in the bottom of the cylinder housing.    

Last but not least is Sesamee 760 series of brass padlocks which will accept SFIC lock cylinders.  Any small format core such as Arrow, Best, Falcon six or seven ping cores will fit into the 760 padlock without requiring spacers. Shackle sizes are available in five lengths including 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" & 3".  A unique shackle retaining system allows shackle changing in the field. It is also possible to field-change the 760 series from key removable to key retained. A rubber bumper surrounds the lock body to prevent marring of the area surrounding the padlock installation.

Mailbox Locks

Another new CCL product grouping is mailbox locks which will fit the new USPS-STD-4C cutout usually found on pedestal mountings. Previously, pin tumbler mailbox locks have used a double-D cutout. New standards dictated by the government require a cutout similar in shape to a key-in-knob cylinder.  The new CCL MBLB82013 fits the new cutout and can be used when clockwise unlocking is required. The CCL MBL82014 mailbox lock is identical in shape but is used when counter clockwise unlocking is required.  Both locks are furnished with three keys, a "C" mounting clip plus a lock washer and nut. The existing cam from the replaced lock must be used. Weatherflap shutters are included to prevent water penetration into the lock.

CCL MBL82013 and MBL82014 mailbox locks use a 1069LB/NA12 keyway. No codes are stamped on the lock case. If you are fitting keys, the spacing is 142-252-362-472-583. Depths are:

1) 268  2) 252  3) 236  4) 220  5) 205  6) 189.

Cam Locks

CCL also has a line of economical 65 series cam locks in lengths 7/16", 5/8", 7/8" & 1 1/8".  The cam locks can be ordered to fit the popular C415A key code or are available in a CCL 700-724 code series. Cam locks using the 700+ code series use the standard Y11/O1122 key blank.

Spacing: 118-213-307-402-496.

Depths: 1)244  3)213  5)181.

Each 65 series cam lock package includes 90 degree and 180 degree stop plates, straight and offset cams, a trim washer, spur washer, mounting nut, cam screw plus spline fillers for use when 180 degree rotation is required.    

The CCL product line includes many other items for locksmiths including travel locks, front-faced resettable locks and the 930 series hidden shackle (hockey puck) padlock. In addition, a full line of traditional pin tumbler cabinet locks has been time-proven since 1882.

For more information on CCL contact your local locksmith distributor or call 800-733-8588. The CCL website,, shows the full line of CCL products, plus helpful instructions for changing padlock shackles in the field. 

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