After 65 Years, KEY-BAK Is A Daily Necessity In The Workplace

June 27, 2013
The originator of the retractable key reel, KEY-BAK produces a full line of key and I.D. badge security items for industry professionals, made in the USA.

KEY-BAK®, the originator of the retractable key reel, celebrates its 65-year anniversary in 2013. KEY-BAK continues its tradition of creating durable products for hardware/construction workers and other industries to secure keys, tools and gear.

The Original KEY-BAK self-retracting key reel and the company's full line of key and I.D. badge security items for industry professionals are daily necessities to our clients. 80 percent wear a KEY-BAK every workday and 20 percent wear one every day.

West Coast company founder, W.R. Lummis, invented the Original KEY-BAK Self Retracting Key Reel in 1948. As a switchman on the Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, he saw brakemen and switchmen injured when their dangling key chains got caught on moving trains.  Lummis had an idea for a reel that would keep keys within reach at the wearer’s side, safe from snagging on moving railcars and machinery. His idea became the first KEY-BAK.

From Key-BAK’s inception, its products have been proudly made in the USA with the highest quality standards. For 65 years KEY-BAK has helped workers around the world secure their keys,  I.D. badges and tools with self-retracting reels.

In its corporate office in Southern California, all research, design, manufacturing, quality assurance testing, packaging, shipping and customer service takes place.  This ensures that every KEY-BAK product is made with the same precision as the first, keeping standards high and customers satisfied.

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