STRATTEC 80 Bit IPATS and IKT Key Blanks

Oct. 1, 2010

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury have introduced their 80 bit transponder technology for a number of their 2011 model vehicles. The 80 bit technology expands the operational capabilities while increasing the security features. The 80 bit technology is available as a plastic head IPATS key blank and as IKT (Integrated Key Transponder).

To identify the difference between the 40 and 80 bit transponder equipped keys, STRATTEC 80 bit key blanks will have the letters “SA” stamped into the blade’s shank. STRATTEC 40 bit key blanks have the letter “S” stamped into one side of the blade’s shank.

The STRATTEC 599114 key blank and similar encrypted Texas Instruments equipped transponders use the 40 bit technology. With the introduction of the 80 bit (5913441) transponder technology, vehicles equipped with this technology cannot be operated using a key with a 40 bit transponder. STRATTEC will continue to offer both the 40 and 80 bit key blanks by application.

The 80 bit transponder (5913441) is backwards compatible with vehicles operating with 40 bit technology; however, the 80 bit key blank (5913441) will also be more expensive than the 40 bit key blank (599114). Visit visit for answers to specific vehicle application questions.

There are three- and four-button Ford and Lincoln logo Integrated Key Transponders. They are model specific. The IKT applications vary by features of the specific vehicle model including remote start or power liftgate. Make certain the vehicle can operate with an IKT before cutting or programming.