Send Your Old Key Duplicator Into Retirement

Aug. 2, 2017
The new Jet 7000 semi-automatic key duplicator’s versatile 4-way jaws provide a key retaining system for blanks of yesterday, today and tomorrow

General Douglas MacArthur was quoted as saying that "old soldiers never die, they just fade away." A similar situation can be found in almost every locksmith shop.  For many years a basic key duplicating machine consisted of two stationary vise jaws and a revolving cutter blade.  At a time when most keys were similar in size and could all be easily held in one-type-fits-all vise jaws, an apprentice locksmith could quickly learn to duplicate keys like an expert. In many locksmith shops old key machines are still taking up space on busy workbenches even though many modern day key blanks can no longer be accurately held in those ancient vise jaws.

Jet Hardware Manufacturing Corp. has introduced their economical Model 7000 key duplicator designed to combine ease of operation, cutting accuracy and the ability to duplicate a wide variety of key blade shapes.  Looks and performance of the Jet 7000 duplicator will provide a good reason to finally send your old key duplicator into retirement.

Newer key blanks have features such as extra length, rubber heads, shoulderless tip stops plus unusual blade shapes and sizes.  Stationary single-sided vise jaws on older machines were never designed to firmly, safely or accurately hold these new key shapes during duplication.  The Jet 7000 key duplicator maintains positive key blank retaining by incorporating a 4-way jaw system. Jaw sides are marked A, B, C & D.  Dimpled areas on each side of the jaw allow an operator to easily lift and swivel each jaw to a new position without disassembly.

  • Side A is used to retain most common types of house and padlock keys which have standard milling.
  • Side B is used to retain narrow blade keys, especially those which have deep cuts.
  • Side C is used for keys having center grooves such as some double-sided vehicle keys. Projections in the top and bottom of the 'C' vise jaws are designed to fit into the key groove to retain the blank.
  • Side D is designed to retain extra wide blade keys such as Illinois or Chicago double-sided blanks.

The versatile Jet 7000 4-way jaws provide a key retaining system for blanks of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Another noticeable feature of the Jet 7000 duplicator is the distance between the vise jaws. An open space of over three inches allows the current extra-long vehicle and cycle keys to be fastened into the vise jaws with space to spare.

A spring-loaded, knurled knob on the left side of the Jet 7000 machine controls both stops for keys with shoulders.  Grooves milled into the vise jaws are designed to accept tip stop plates. The plates are installed in grooves on both jaws. Tips of the original and uncut  key blank are then aligned against the tip stop plates.  Tip stop plates can then be removed before key cutting begins.

Special guide plates for Ford keys are included. The fit into the key groove and retain Ford key blanks in a centered position fo accurate duplication.

Two sizes of lifting pins are also included.  Lifting pins are designed to fit into the vise jaw and under the original and uncut key blank. This raises the keys in the vise jaw which is sometimes required when cutting smaller key types.

Key follower adjustment has also been simplified.  A full set of Allen wrenches is included for machine servicing.  A 3mm Allen wrench is used for slightly loosening the key follower set screw.  A dial knob which is calibrated with lines marked every .02mm is then turned to move the key follower inward or outward as needed. 

The 3mm Allen wrench is also used to remove two  retainer screws holding the sturdy cutter blade cover in place.  Cutter blade replacement and key follower adjustment should be required infrequently, but are simple procedures if required.  A light is located under the cover shroud to provide light regardless of existing circumstances. 

Key duplication with the Jet 7000 is as easy as one-two-three.  Begin by turning on the work light using the green switch. Decide on the correct jaw side to use. Rotate both jaws to the same desired letter designation and install the original and uncut key blanks.  Flip the red switch to start the cutter motor.  Depress the carriage release button while holding the small carriage handle and slowly moving the carriage assembly towards the cutter blade.  Use the large carriage handle to provide horizontal movement as required.

The well-built Jet 7000 key duplicator will provide many years of trouble-free service. For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or Jet Hardware Manufacturing,