Why Buy STRATTEC Security Corp. Locks and Keys?

May 2, 2012
Are Original Equipment Products a little more pricey? Sometimes (licensing is certainly not free). Are Original Equipment products backed by warranty and design? Absolutely!

In times when the dollar comes harder and customers are reluctant to pay that extra couple of bucks, ask yourself this: Do I want to provide my customers with something that lasts or do I just want them to get by?

This same statement can be made these days for anything from an appliance, to a battery, or a television, and this same kind of thinking applies daily to locksmiths. Prices have increased and in many instances, dramatically. Locks and keys have become more expensive. In many instances, customers just want something to “get them by.”Increasingly, locksmiths are increasingly having to adjust their prices, find other sources of locks and keys, or are faced with the consumer who has purchased their key online from an unreliable source.

Recently, while presenting a demonstration of servicing automotive locks at a Dallas distributor, a locksmith showed me a key on a special key ring he carries with him. It was a circle plus key with a Chevrolet logo on it. The blade looked good, the molding looked good and by all indications, it looked like a STRATTEC original General Motors key. The problem was the key bow was empty - no transponder. This was a problem since the circle plus key contains a Philip Crypto transponder chip. The customer was not very happy when the locksmith explained that the customer’s key could not be used with the intended vehicle. The customer would have to pay for a second correct key plus programming.

I share this story because it is an all too frequent occurrence in my communications with locksmiths and distributors. Remember the old adage, “If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

STRATTEC has been providing quality products since 1908, when an informal partnership was formed between inventor Stephen F. Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton. Our main business is being an Original Equipment Manufacturer of automotive products including locks and keys, through licensing agreements with the Big Three: Ford, GM and Chrysler. Original Equipment products are manufactured to the vehicle manufacturer’s exacting specifications ensuring proper fit, function and durability.

STRATTEC has a majority relationship with GM (90+ percent), Ford (65+ percent) and Chrysler (95+ percent). The majority relationship includes manufacturing not only locks and keys that are installed into the new vehicles being sold; these same products that are sold through the dealerships are sold by locksmiths.

Products include the General Motors prox keys and flip keys, the Ford 80 bit transponder keys, the Integrated (IKT) keys and the PEPS (passive entry/passive start) as well as lock repair kits that contain all necessary components in order to get your customers on their way without delays.

Locksmiths and locksmith distributors that support original equipment, support the notion that they want to get it right the first time by providing their customer with the RIGHT product. Are Original Equipment Products a little more pricey? Sometimes (licensing is certainly not free!). Are Original Equipment products backed by warranty and design? Absolutely!

In addition to quality products, STRATTEC has been developing new programs. STRATTEC provides locksmith distributor education in the form of demos and hands-on exercises in pinning. So far, in 2012, the demos include hands-on pinning of four of the latest high security locks from GM and Ford.

STRATTEC Security Corp. will continue to strive to bring live product demos through distributor shows and network, enhance our aftermarket site with instructions, demo videos of locks, and product announcements, and most importantly support the locksmiths and distributors that have continued to support our products for over 100 years.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or STRATTEC Security Corporation at 3333 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209 Web Site: http://aftermarket.strattec.com.

Jeff Baker has been with STRATTEC for 14 years in various positions including quality engineering, distribution warehousing, customer service management, training and sales. He is based out of the manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisc., and is the Distributor Sales and Export Manager for the North American market.