Locksmithing Etc. December 2009

Dec. 3, 2009
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Normally a key secured into an electronic key cabinet is attached to a ring containing a key securing component that is slid into one of the electronic key cabinet’s receptacles. The proper access must be presented in order to open the door and to remove a key. In just about every cabinet, the key’s blades are visible hanging within the cabinet. A person authorized for a specific key can view all of the hanging keys. Visual access to all of the keys provides the ability to read or photograph one or more of the keys blades in order to make copies at a future time. Even if a person does not have access into a key cabinet, sometimes the keys can still be read. This is because some key cabinet doors have a clear center providing visual access to the keys.

Morse Watchmans specializes in customizable key management using their KeyWatcher® product. The Morse Watchmans Secure-a-key is a tamper proof housing that conceals a key. When the Secure-a-key is in the KeyWatcher, the key remains hidden and most keys cannot be rotated out of the unit. When the Secure-A-Key is removed from the cabinet, there is sufficient key rotation in order to operate a lock.

For more information, contact Morse Watchmans at 800-423-8256 or Web Site: www.morsewatchmans.com.


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, vehicle thefts have dropped dramatically. This is credited to the development of electronic anti-theft technology and targeted police enforcement. A little less than 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2008. This works out to about 315 vehicles stolen per 100,000 people. In 1989, 634 vehicles were stolen per 100,000 people.


Here is a trick to knowing a machine screw’s diameter easily when you need to choose a drill bit to drill the hole before tapping. Use your drill index, the box that keeps your drills. Find the drill bit hole that the machine screw just slides into and choose either the second or third smaller drill by size. Drill a test hole. If it is too small, try the next larger size. If the hole is too big, try the next smaller size. The difference is if the drill index has 15 drills or 50 drills. Remember, you can always drill a larger hole but you cannot drill a smaller hole.


The Falcon RU lock is designed to be a replacement for the Mono and Unit locks. The Falcon RU cylindrical locks equipped with the large format Schlage removable cores must be timed. To time the RU lock, the core is removed and the lock is configured so the cam is at eleven o’clock. Our problem was the cam could not be at the eleven o’clock position when the core is installed. It had to be between eight and eleven for the core to be installed. This resulted in the RU lock operating where the lever had to be lifted in order to retract the latch.

To fix this problem, the tailpiece was removed, reversed and installed. The cam could then be positioned at eleven o’clock in order to install the core. With the core installed, the lever would retract the latch in a downward direction.


Ingersoll Rand (IR) has introduced their Aged Bronze (643e) finish. According to IR, Aged Bronze is a rich color that will remain consistent through time. Aged Bronze is being offered as an alternative to the classic 613 Oiled Rubbed Bronze, which has a tendency to change color from batch to batch and is not very resistant to the affects of time. Aged bronze appears to be a powder coat finish. The Aged Bronze compatible finish is available on Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN and Ives products.


Chrysler is severing ties with Mercedes Benz. To this extent, it appears the 2009 will be the last year the Sprinter van will be sold by Dodge or Freightliner. Starting January 1, 2010, for Sprinter parts and vans, you will have to visit your Mercedes Benz dealership. No decision for a replacement has been made at this time.


The Sterling Bullet is a re-badged Dodge Ram 3500/4500/5500 chassis cab truck. These heavy-duty two or four door models can be configured for construction, distribution, utility or specialized applications. For the 2009 model year, the Sterling Bullet uses the Chrysler M1-2618 code series and the “Beige” transponder bow key with the Philips Crypto transponder chip.

The key blank numbers are:

STRATTEC - 692352

Bianchi – BY165-PT

Ilco – Y164PT

Jet – Y165-PHT

JMA – TP12- CHR15.P

Hata ¬– HAT-1718


Do you know the “Hand of the Door” for a lock and a door closer is different? A door closer is either left or right hand. A lock can be left or right or left hand reverse or right hand reverse. Reverse means the door is coming towards you. A closer is mounted onto either the push or pull side of the door.


Falcon Lock has introduced the new ANSI Grade 1, 24 Series and 25 Series Touch Bar Exit Device. These new exit devices are manufactured of extruded aluminum with a stainless steel pushpad, a patent pending deadlock mechanism, no exposed screws and a flush end cap. The new 24 and 25 Series Touch Bar Exit Device has been redesigned.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Falcon Lock at Web Site: www. Falcom.ingersollrand.com.


An in expensive way to offer your clients a more permanent business card is to attach it to a flexible magnet the size of a standard business card with an adhesive coating on one side. The cover is peeled off and a business card is attached. There are a number of companies that sell these magnets in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available at office supplies and craft stores.


Bryce Fasteners manufactures the Penta-Plus security fasteners. These five sided fasteners are available in a variety of sizes from 2/56” through 5/8” in diameter, configurations and lengths. To maintain a level of security, the drivers are controlled and not sold through distribution.

For more information, contact Bryce Fastener at 1230 N. Mondel Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85233. Telephone: 480-503-3801. Web Site: www.brycefastener.com.