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PDQ 3101 light-duty door closer
Door closers

Close That Door! A Residential Door Closer Installation

July 15, 2023
As work patterns shift to telecommuting, the residential security market is growing and competing for equal time from professional security providers. This market is producing...
The Norton 9300BC is a durable door closer designed for commercial exterior and interior doors, such as storefront and industrial applications.
Door closers

Door Closers 101: An Update

July 2, 2021
Repairing and replacing this vital door hardware component is a common job for the commercial locksmith.
Damage caused by a sagging door.
Door closers

Concealed Overhead Door Closers: Easy to Replace

July 1, 2021
A sagging laundromat door continues to put regular repair dollars in the pocket.
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A super parallel arm
Door closers

The Science and Art of Door Closer Arms

July 1, 2021
Know the different types and how each is aimed at different applications.
Best Closer
Door closers

Versatile BEST Door Closer Provides Premium Door Control Solutions

Sept. 9, 2020
The series is ADA-compliant and ideal for heavy-use institutional applications.
Door closers

BEST Series Door Closers: Protecting the Security and Safety of a Building and its Occupants

Aug. 5, 2020
The mainstays of a safe door, door closers control a door and protect the security and safety of a building and its occupants. BEST offers a portfolio of technologically advanced...