Optex Annunciator Is A Problem Solver

April 5, 2010
From start to finish, the installation took less than one-half hour. The only tool required was a screwdriver.

In a real-life situation, a customer came to a Chicago area locksmith with an unusual request. Her dog had developed a debilitating throat infection. Doctors performed a successful operation, but as a result, the dog could no longer bark. The customer was accustomed to sending her dog into a fenced back yard. The dog formerly barked whenever he wanted to return to the house, but now that was impossible.

The locksmith contacted his local distributor who suggested the perfect answer- an Optex Wireless 1000 annunciator system. The system consisted of the TD-10 sensor transmitter and the RC-10 chime box. The TD-10 sensor is battery-operated and has a sending range of approximately 700 feet. A TR-10 repeater is available to extend the range of the annunciator system. The sensor is designed for either indoor or outdoor use. The RC-10 chime box can be plugged in to any convenient AC outlet.

For this installation the sensor was mounted above the rear entrance door of the home. Holes are normally drilled into the mounting surface to secure the sensor. As an alternative, the locksmith shaped an aluminum block to fit behind an aluminum facia strip. Mounting holes were tapped into the aluminum block. The result was a neat installation with the aluminum block serving as a firm clamping surface behind the facia strip. No holes were required to be drilled into the aluminum siding.

The small 3” X 5” RC-10 receiver / chime box is set on a kitchen counter close to a 110 AC outlet. Chime volume can be adjusted so the homeowner can easily hear the two-tone chime whenever her dog is ready to come back into the home. The RC-10 is approximately 30 feet from the outside sensor and positively in the reception range of the receiver. From start to finish, the installation took less than one-half hour. The only tool required was a screwdriver.

The receiver has three unique tones and can accept up to 12 of the sensors. The receiver also includes a relay output allowing compatibility with other equipment.

Additional parts for the system include the TR-10U repeater for extended transmission range, a TS-10U push button transmitter for doorbell type notifications and a TC-10U door contact/wireless transmitter for added protection/notification.

There are a variety of ways to use the Optex annunciator. In a residential setting, a sensor can be mounted along a driveway or near an entrance to alert owners when either a vehicle or delivery man is approaching their home. Sensors can be adjusted for a 50-foot beam pattern or a 17-foot fan pattern.

In commercial settings the sensor can serve as a sound indicator for persons entering an office or store. Up to four TD-10 sensors can be handled by one RC-10 chime box. Chime sounds will vary to indicate which of the sensors is sending the signal.

In addition, a 1 amp relay is mounted in the RC-10 chime box. The relay can be used to remotely unlock or lock electric strikes, magnetic locks or even turn on lights. A TC-10 door contact transmitter is also available which will wirelessly transmit a signal to the chime box if a door is left ajar.

Usage possibilities of the Optex Wireless 1000 system are only limited by your imagination. It is a dependable, profitable product and very simple to install.

Optex, Inc. markets products manufactured by Optex Company Limited of Otsu, Japan throughout the continents of North and South America. The company specializes in passive and active infrared technology, including specialized sensors to trigger CCTV systems, a wide variety of wireless-ready outdoor sensors and a one-of-a-kind Class-1 Laser detector for high security applications.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or visit Web Site: www.optexamerica.com