Automotive Locksmithing 2015

May 4, 2015
Special Supplement to Locksmith Ledger, May 2015. Follow the links to download as a pdf

Articles include:

Harvesting Transponder Chips
Harvesting a transponder chip takes only a few minutes. The complete
procedure requires less than 10 minutes. There is no need to clone or
program the transponder since it has been used to start the vehicle.

Re-Shelling Ford Integrated Keys
While the cost of a replacement shell varies by manufacturer, it is much less
expensive than the cost of a new integrated key plus dealer programming.

STRATTEC Ready for 2015 Vehicles
Changes are in store for 2015 models including the Ford F150 truck,
Lincoln MKC, Mustang, Escape & Focus Huf locks, Fiesta, Hybrids,
Edge, Flex and Transit & Transit Connect.

Servicing the Transit Connect
2009-2013 Transit Connect vehicles use the Tibbe lock system. For
the 2014 model year, the redesigned Transit Connect shifted to the
Ford Focus 2-track lock system.